George’s First Birthday Party

George officially turns “1” tomorrow (October 9th), but we celebrated early last weekend. Our friends and family came over on Saturday to help us celebrate our “Curious George.”

G cake 5 with mom and dad

We tried to keep things pretty simple — we wanted to have good food and drink, as well as an environment that fostered fellowship and a fabulous time. Mission accomplished!

Decor Collage

We had the majority of the food and drink catered, although I made the punch, Rice Krispy treats and pecan brownies. Some may think that we took the easy way out by ordering in almost all the food…and you would be right! Due to timing constraints, there is no way I would have been able to organize such an impressive spread of food for our guests if I had been responsible for handling the task. So instead, we let the experts handle it.

Food Collage

In addition to a delicious cake with tiers of white cake and raspberry and lemon fillings, we also had a vanilla smash cake for George.

Smash cake Collage

Naturally, he had a great time sampling the cake and icing! We also served pecan brownies, sugar cookies and Rice Krispy treats as party favors. I think my teeth are rotting just thinking about all that sugar!

cakes Collage

John, George and I had a great time visiting with family and friends yesterday afternoon. The laughs, smiles and memories made will stick with us for years. We have great family and friends and the party was a great reminder of that fact.

FF Collage

Thanks to the Lears, kids also enjoyed some time in the bounce house that they graciously let us borrow.

bounce house

We love you George! Special thanks to friends and family for helping us celebrate this milestone!

 g cake 8 fave

Since some folks will ask, here are the vendors we used for the party. To be clear, we paid for all services and opinions expressed here are our own.

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