Mom’s 59th Birthday

We had a great time celebrating Mom’s 59th birthday this weekend. On Friday, we dined at Artista in Houston’s theater district. We devoured our meals before heading over to Jones Hall to watch Mariachi Cobre perform with the Houston Symphony. Friends, this was a fabulous show. The mariachis and symphony members were equally talented in their respective genres. I actually started crying during the first song – it reminded me of the mariachis that played at our wedding. So sorry, such a softie! Here are a few photos from the event. As you can see, John insists on closing his eyes on purpose almost every time I take a photo (and he thinks he is funny – don’t encourage him, please!).

Mom 59BD Collage

On Saturday, I cooked breakfast for my parents and John. Well…I put breakfast together a la Sandra Lee. I made the broccolini, bacon and cheddar quiche from scratch and bought the scones, fruit and juice from Whole Foods. A little semi-homemade never hurt anyone, right?


After some relaxing at our place, we surprised my Mom with a fresh strawberry cake…from Whole Foods.

mom cake Collage

The cake was moist, rich and delicious, even if I didn’t make it from scratch. Working full-time and being a full-time mom has forced me to take a few shortcuts here and there; and opened my eyes to the fact that short cuts are OK (from time to time).

We spent the rest of the weekend taking care of things around Casa Cliffwood and spending time with Georgie. Oh, how I love a low-key weekend!

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