George’s Nursery

Good things take time, right?

After more than a year of work and a handful of delivery and ordering set backs, we are finally done with George’s nursery. Well…almost. We need to re-hang a shelf with the proper wall support, but other than that, everything is complete.

Here are a few photos of George’s nursery (please note: the mobile is no longer in use, but I hung it to show you the completed look).

nursey crib view cl

Nursery Collage 2

Since folks have asked where we got a few items in the nursery, I’m providing the details below. To be clear, these are not sponsored items or affiliate links – all the items were gifts from friends/family or purchased by us.

I still plan to frame a few items (our birth announcement, a silhouette of George, a few photos), but this is the final look. What started as a collection of ideas and a folder full of torn pages from magazines has finally come to life.

We love George’s nursery and hope you do too!

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