July 7 – Zihuatanejo

The last day of a vacation is always the hardest. Sigh. After another wonderful night of sleep for everyone, we enjoyed tea, coffee, baby yogurt (for George) and pastries on our terrace. John and I both had some work tasks to handle, so we spent the morning dividing our time between taking care of G, working, packing and relaxing. Once we were packed and ready to go the airport, we made our way to La Villa for one last lunch.

We were so busy getting our lives together that I completely forgot to take pictures in Z on our last day. Or perhaps I was simply too busy soaking in our last moments of our first family vacation with George?

Once we checked out of our room, the hotel arranged for our transfer to the airport. Within 15 minutes of our departure from Viceroy, we were checking in our luggage at the airport. Within 2 hours and 15 minutes, we were back in Houston! George was such an angel on the flight home. Here are a few pictures of Zihuatanejo from the plane…

Plane Collage

Thanks to our Global Entry membership, it literally took us two minutes to clear Immigration, 5 minutes to pick up our luggage and 1 minute to clear Customs. Boom!

We’ve been back from Z for ten days now and are already longing for our return. Until then, we will have to cherish the memories of this trip!

G and J on plane

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