July 6 – Zihuatanejo

George slept for almost twelve hours straight. Eureka! I know this isn’t likely to be a permanent schedule change for us, but it sure was a nice thing to experience. After enjoying tea and coffee service in the room, we walked downstairs to La Villa to enjoy breakfast.

While George enjoyed mango yogurt, I enjoyed fresh bread, an order of migas, and a fresh orange-pineapple-ginger-mint juice. So delicious! Why don’t I ever make migas at home?

 break Collage

Since the tide was still high, we decided to walk George around the hotel property before relaxing by the pool again. Afterwards, we spent time relaxing/napping in our room, then ventured back down to the pool.

 pool Collage

I had an order of chicken nachos for lunch, followed by a nice walk on the beach with George and John. Since it was Sunday, there were lots of local families out enjoying the beach.

 afternoon Collage

We spent the rest of the afternoon out on our terrace and we also ordered dinner in again. I know, l-a-z-y! I had tortilla soup and Greek pasta (again).

 dinner Collage

Although everything about our day was routine (from a vacation perspective), we had a really fabulous relaxing and fun day.

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