July 5 – Zihuatanejo

George set a new record by sleeping for 11.5 hours at night! I’m so glad that our Georgie totally got the whole vacation-sleep-in concept. Go, George!

We kicked off the morning with tea and coffee on our terrace. We watched the unusually high tide and the substantial waves from the comfort (and safety) of our patio chairs.

morning Collage

We decided on an early breakfast and made our way to La Villa. After the previous morning’s breakfast bonanza, we decided to slow our roll a tad. In the end, we shared a fruit plate and an order of the Huevos Mexicanas (no onion, add chorizo). We also enjoyed the homemade bread, butter and marmalades. George was a favorite among the staff and many of the servers held him throughout the meal. George will go with anyone (should I worry about this?) and he enjoyed play time with new folks. I’m also secretly hoping that he picked up some Spanish along the way…but I realize that is likely impossible.

breakfast Collage

Since the high tide made the beach unsafe for walking, we walked George around the hotel property in his car seat and stroller. After a while, we were back in the room for play time, a feeding and nap time for George (and me!).

r Collage

We made our way to La Villa for lunch and joined lots of folks watching the World Cup at the swim-up bar. I ordered a hamburger and fries and John had the steak tacos. We also shared an order of guacamole and homemade chips. I wasn’t thrilled with the burger because it was slightly overcooked…and because it only came with 8 fries. 8! If you are going to splurge on a burger you totally want to overdo it with fries too. Am I right? At least the guacamole is always on point.


After lunch it was time for more playing in the room…and nap time. George totally has this vacation schedule down. Later, we had family time in the pool. I love how much George enjoys being in the water. I also enjoyed the spiciest Virgin Mary ever after pool time. So good. We spent the rest of the day in our room lounging, playing, napping and staring into the surf. Not a bad way to spend the day.

pool Collage

For dinner, we repeated our laziness and had room service. This time, we ordered off the La Marea menu (fancy!) and I had the tomato pasta fettucine for an entrée, while John enjoyed the tuna steak. We dined while watching the sunset…and feeding George a pouch of broccoli, peas and pear puree. I was really craving a cookie for dessert and when John asked if the restaurant (or hotel) had some, they were disappointed to tell us that they didn’t have any. However, in the true spirit of Mexican hospitality, the hotel delivered fresh biscotti to us. Totally hit the spot!

dinner Collage

In years past, John and I have enjoyed incredibly amazing meals and dining experiences in Zihuatanejo. We have also watched amazing sunsets and taken in breath-taking vistas while visiting Zihua. This is probably why we were both more than happy to stay in for dinner, spend time with George, and skip the whole going out experience. While the hotel does offer nanny and babysitting services, we didn’t feel that was right for us on this trip. Maybe in the future, but for now…we were keen on soaking up as much George time as possible.

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