July 4 – Zihuatanejo

We all slept like champs on our first night in Zihuatanejo – thanks to the cool and dark rooms and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. Oh, how I love the beach.

Z morning waves f

We slept until 7:00 AM, just as coffee service was delivered outside our door. The aroma of Mexican coffee is intoxicating, isn’t it? The Viceroy serves complimentary coffee, tea, sweet breads, and the paper to every guest in their rooms in the mornings. This is a great way to start the day. We enjoyed our beverages on the patio while listening to the surf.

morning Collage

Afterwards, I put George in the Ergo and we went for a morning stroll on the beach. It wasn’t too hot or sunny – perfect timing for George. It was so peaceful out – calm, uncrowded, beautiful and decidedly private. This is one of the reasons why we love Zihua.

Walk Collage

After our walk, it was time for breakfast at La Villa. We were the first guests at breakfast and we had the place to ourselves for quite some time. After a quick check on my blog to see what we ate the last time we were in Zihua (this is one of the reasons why I blog about travel – it helps to jog our memories), we ordered fresh juices, a fruit plate and split an order of Huevos Mexicanas (without onion, add chorizo). Yes, we had too much food in front of us, but it was all so delicious. We fed George his baby yogurt while we ate, so everyone was happy. We even gave George some melon in a Munchkin mesh bag and he loved it.

breakfast Collage

We played in the room until it was late morning nap time. I took full advantage of this time and napped with George. Afterwards, we all went down to the pool for a little water time. George absolutely loves the water and was singing the whole time. Heart Meltingly Cute. I am also obsessed with baby swim wear. Eh…I suppose there are worse things to obsess about, right?

Swim Collage

Later, we had a nice lunch in La Villa — located 15 steps from the pool. I had an order of the chicken nachos and they were heavenly. The cheese, the beans, the homemade chips, the fresh guacamole — to die for. Shivers-down-my-arm delicious.


We spent the afternoon playing, napping, watching the World Cup and relaxing in our room. I also went to the gym to complete my last run of the Runner’s World Streak. After showers, we continued to relax the day away until dinner. In the greatest sign of “we-are-on-vacation-dont-judge-us,” we ordered dinner in and enjoyed our food on our terrace. In our pajamas. Glorious. I had the Greek Pasta and John ordered the Penne Porcini Pasta. We were both very pleased with our entrees. We also ordered (too much) dessert – I had the chocolate cake and homemade ice cream and John had the frozen cappuccino. Perfection.

dinner Collage

Needless to say, we all slept like babies that night, including the only real baby in our family. Although this was a nontraditional way to celebrate the 4th of July, we had a really fabulous day with our little firecracker.

G2 Collage

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