L’Auberge Weekend

John, George and I spent last weekend in Louisiana with my family at the L’Auberge Casino Resort. We’ve been fortunate to experience this little getaway in the past, and a weekend away couldn’t have come at a better time. John and I have both been very busy with work lately and it was great to take a moment to breathe deeply, relax with family and to have some George therapy. Besides, we also needed to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and Father’s Day.

Friday – We made the trek to Lake Charles, Louisiana on Friday afternoon. The traffic was ridiculous in Beaumont. Ridiculous. What is normally a two-ish hour drive took us four hours. Four. Needless to say, we were all in melt-down mode upon arrival. We picked up dinner from Chick-fil-a and then it was bedtime for George…and John and me.


Saturday – We had a great night’s sleep and George slept for 10 1/2 hours. Glorious! Since we had an adjoining room to my parent’s suite, George and I had early morning play time with Grandma. I’m not sure who had more fun — George or Grandma!? After breakfast at Le Cafe (one of the resort’s casual restaurants), it was pool time. This was a special day for us because it was George’s first ever pool time experience. I did a lot of research on infants and pools, so George was appropriately decked out in infant-appropriate sunscreen and Baby Gap swim wear. Too cute! I also picked up a great floating seat and canopy to introduce George to the water. Thankfully, George loved it! He was kicking his legs in the water and seemed to enjoy floating. My heart melted watching George take in the experience- cuteness overload. We had a quick pool side lunch before retiring to the room for nap time. We had a lazy afternoon that included a short run in the fitness center for me. The whole family went out to dinner at Pat’s of Henderson. My parents love this place, so it was nice to experience some cuisine they know and love. Pat’s serves Cajun classics and I had the chicken sausage gumbo and a salad. Okay…I might have also had more than my share of stuffed and fried mushrooms. Our food was spicy, casual, and delicious. After dinner, John and I popped into the “Desserts” shop at the Casino and picked up gelato (for John) and chocolate-covered strawberries (for me). We ate our treats as we walked the casino and pushed George in his stroller (he was asleep).  We had another early-ish evening — just what the doctor ordered.

 George Pool Collage

Sunday – We had a another great night’s sleep and George slept for 10 1/2 hours again. John and I slept well too. George, Grandpa and Grandma had fun playing in the morning while John and I relaxed and organized our room and luggage. Later, everyone met for breakfast at Le Cafe to celebrate Father’s Day. Afterwards, we spent some more time relaxing in our room before departing for Houston.  This time, it only took us two hours to make the trip and George slept for most of the journey. Amen! We spent the rest of the day relaxing as a family at home and getting ready for the week.  Even though it passed quickly, we really enjoyed time with family over the weekend!

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