Father’s Day 2014

This year was John’s first Father’s Day, as well as my Dad’s first Father’s Day as a grandparent. As you might know, both waited a long time to experience, and celebrate, these roles.

My Dad is a very generous person who has never met a stranger. I have a great relationship with my Dad and can always count on him for whatever I need. He is also always around with a listening ear. I love my Dad very much and am so lucky to have him in my life. We were honored to be able to name our son after my Dad — besides a strong name, we wanted our son to be named after a strong man.

Dad Collage

John is a tremendous husband and an exceptional father. I have loved watching John evolve into the Dad that he has become. A modern father, John helps with every George-related task, including changing diapers, bottle feedings, nap time, solo overnight shifts and play time. I am a very lucky woman and George is lucky to have John as his Dad.

John holding G in hospital

We love you both!

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