George – 8 Months

Timeline: As of yesterday, George is 8 months old!

G on couch with bib

How We’re Feeling: We are incredibly blessed — George, John and I are still very happy and healthy.

How George is Changing: Since we haven’t been to the doctor since George’s 6 month appointment, we don’t have new official weight/height numbers to share. However, since I carry George around every day, I can confirm that he is heavier and longer than he was last month!

We are still breastfeeding and fortunately everything is still going really well. George still nurses 5 or 6 times a day and eats solid foods three times a day. We are using organic baby food pouches from Earth’s Best and Plum Foods and we absolutely love them. Both brands offer a variety of flavor combinations – perfect for the baby who doesn’t necessarily want to just eat vegetables! George’s favorite flavor combinations are broccoli/apple, butternut squash/apple, pear/spinach/mango, broccoli/pea/pear and carrot/blueberry/pear. We have been feeding George in his OXO Sprout high chair for the past month and he just loves sitting in it. Such a big boy!

George has also been babbling nonstop and we think his first word(s) may be coming soon. I hear a lot of “m” sounds out of him, so I am hopeful that there is a “mama” in there itching to come out.

Stroller G Collage

Since George is sitting up pretty well, we have begun to transition him over to the Uppababy toddler seat for his stroller.  We walk a lot and we are still very pleased with the Vista stroller.  George is using an infant insert in his seat – mainly for the head padding and the moisture wicking padding.  He seems very comfortable in it and has even fallen asleep in it a few times.

George is also still sleeping really well and typically sleeps for 9 to 11 hours at night (without waking to feed/change).

Finally, George has two teeth! Two bottom teeth poked through a few weeks ago and we are beginning to feel a few top teeth making their way down.

How I’m Changing (Body After Baby): I will do a comprehensive update in a few days (I promise will actually do it this time!), but I am down 62 pounds and feeling great. Only 5 more pounds to go! Running and sleeping are going well for me too. I feel much stronger and have lots of energy these days.

How I’m Staying Active: Running, walking and light strength training are my exercise of choice these days. I’m loving it!

What’s Keeping Me Busy: In addition to being a Mom, I am still working full-time (from home) and am traveling more and more for work these days. 

What’s New with George: George is still wearing 9 month and 6-12 month size clothing. He is sitting much better on his own and rarely topples over. George is pulling up on everything and goes from sitting to standing in just a few seconds.  Once we found George standing in his crib and peering over the rails…we decided it was time to lower the mattress to the lowest position.  Yikes! George is almost crawling, but I think this kid is going straight to walking instead. George also still loves his activity center and wears himself out by jumping all day.

G sitting up with toys

What’s New at Cliffwood: We are still in the midst of a prolonged Winter house cleansing.  I guess it’s a Summer cleaning and reorganization now? We are still sprucing up a few things around the house and have some new pieces of furniture and decorative items. I hope to post about these things in the next week.

The Nursery: We are still waiting on delivery of the wall art we chose for the nursery.  I know…this is getting ridiculous! I got an email this morning stating that the artwork is on its way. Fingers crossed!

George – 8 months old

8 month official

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