8th Anniversary!

Today we are celebrating 8 years of Mr. and Mrs. John Arnold!


It seems cliché to even mention it, but it does seem like our wedding day was just yesterday.

So many exciting things have happened in the past 8 years, including the way that I have fallen even more in love with John. Watching John become a great father to George has been a blessing and a treasure.


To celebrate our anniversary, John and I had an extravagant lunch at Da Marco, one of our favorite restaurants in Houston. It was nice to spend some quality time talking, reflecting and enjoying delicious Italian food. We plan to cook dinner together tonight and to spend the evening as a family with our Georgie.

The traditional 8th wedding anniversary gift is bronze or pottery. The modern gift is lace or linens. Since neither of us have felt like visiting an art gallery or Bed, Bath and Beyond (bwahahahaha), it looks like both went a different way on gifts this year. What else is new!?

beach wedding day next

I can only hope that we are blessed with even more years together. I love you, John!

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