George’s Baptism

After months of anticipation, we baptized Georgie on Saturday morning. The service was at our church – St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church – and it was celebrated by a (favorite) deacon. We were thrilled to be surrounded by close friends and family and to have Nelda and Zach serve as godparents. The service was beautiful and personal and aside from a few squeals and laughs, George was very well-behaved.

Baptism Collage

I could go on and on about the service, but I’ll spare you and only share a few details. The church gave each child a beautiful handmade baptismal scapular for the ceremony, along with a gorgeous candle. Both will be keepsakes for George, along with his baptismal outfit. We also had my baptismal blanket on hand, but it was a bit too warm to use it. I’m biased, but I think he looked adorable.


Afterwards, our guests met at Ouisie’s Table for a celebratory lunch in honor of George. As I have previously mentioned, we love Ouisie’s and it’s a favorite place for special celebrations and luncheons. We had half of “Lucy’s Porch” reserved (they had a curtain up as a partition) and it was perfect. Given the size of our group, I arranged a preset menu for our event. Not surprisingly, almost everyone (including me!) ordered the infamous chicken fried steak for their entree. For dessert, Ouisie’s made a cake for George and it was delicious! Although I was tempted by several different flavor options, I ended up selecting a white cake with raspberry filling. Besides the unusual script on the cake (did a serial murderer write that…or is it just me?), Ouisie’s replicated the photo of the cake I sent them perfectly.

Cake Collage

Although the service was uncharacteristically slow, we were very pleased with our experience. Besides, it was wonderful to be surrounded by friends and family and to share a meal with everyone. I was also happy to not have to spend the day in the kitchen or the afternoon cleaning up.

I was tempted to make a few handmade touches for the baptism and the luncheon, but work and time constraints got in the way. But since I really wanted to customize the day for George and our guests, I ended up going semi-homemade and ordered invitations from Tiny Prints, bag tags from Posh Paper Parties Co. (via Etsy), cookies from Shop Cookie Couture (via Etsy) and prayer cards from The Best in Favors. Everything turned out beautifully and far better than anything I could have created on my own. I would highly recommend any of these vendors, including Ouisie’s Table.

Tocuhes A Collage Touches B Collage

Saturday was a very special day for George and our family and we want to especially thank our friends and family who shared the experience with us. We love y’all!


4 thoughts on “George’s Baptism

  1. Fefe says:

    Beautiful family! I agree-the script on the cake is terrible. How can they make such a great cake otherwise and write so poorly. Lol! I have to say I love ouisies food -but cannot stand the service. It has been either super slow or the server has an attitude.

    • MCA says:

      Thanks, Fefe! The more I look at the cake, the more annoyed I get. I could have done better and I am not a professional!

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