Mother’s Day Weekend


We kicked off the weekend with a very laid-back evening at home. With a (much-needed) steady rain falling outside, we were happy to be relaxing inside. John and I made chicken tostadas for dinner and George went to bed early (at 8:30!). I remember when we used to go out on Friday nights. Ha!


To my surprise, George slept until 6:50 AM. Wow! Too bad I don’t sleep through the night like our Georgie. I woke up a few times throughout the night to check on him, but still woke up feeling well-rested. A second surprise…George’s first tooth broke through! For the life of me he won’t let me snap a picture, but trust me – it’s adorable!

George and I picked up Julie and spent part of the morning at the Urban Harvest Eastside Farmer’s Market in Upper Kirby. This was my first time there and it was great! We arrived just before 9:00 and there was ample parking. The Market has a few food trucks and approximately 50 or so stalls. Julie and I spent our time exploring each offering and had a hard time making decisions about what to buy and who to buy from. We ended up splitting bunches of purple haze carrots, strawberries and kale, and I purchased a bunch of mint, fresh strawberry and lime preserves, blueberries, dark chocolate, tomatoes (for my Mom) and a GF carrot and flax bread mini loaf. Julie also purchased some coffee, sausage and bought a beautiful orchid for our Mom. The orchid stall owners were very kind and gave me a mini orchid for Mother’s Day. Sweet! Since we hadn’t eaten yet, Julie and I had breakfast tacos at the Market. Delicious! When it got warmer, George got a bit fussy and we decided to go back to Julie’s house. I loved the Market and want to go back soon. In fact, I’d love to go every week and pick up some of the meat and cheese products, along with the produce. Local Tip: While many of the merchants accept debit/credit cards, some don’t. For those that don’t always carry cash, there is an ATM on-site.

Market Collage

We had a lazy afternoon at home, then went to afternoon mass. We had plans to go out to eat afterwards, but since George fell asleep as soon as we pulled out of the church parking lot, we had a take-a-way dinner from Escalante’s instead. We ended the evening with a nice walk through the neighborhood and another early bedtime for George.


I was so excited when I woke up on Mother’s Day. Some days I still can’t believe that George is mine – I feel so lucky to be his Mom!

M with G

John and George surprised me with gifts first thing in the morning — a running stroller from George and bracelets from John. Friends, I was literally surprised by both gifts — not an easy feat around here! I’m being very honest when I say that I wasn’t expecting gifts, nor do I feel that they were necessary. They were, however, very sweet and thoughtful.

MD Gift Collage

John made a delicious frittata for breakfast and served it with fruit.

MD BF Collage

For lunch, we made our way to Julie and Ian’s house. We met my parents there for our family Mother’s Day celebration. Now that we have George, we figured it would be much easier to eat in then to fight the crowds. We ended up having a delicious lunch of fried turkey, green beans, macaroni and cheese, peach cobbler and lots of appetizers. I made the sides this year and used Pioneer Woman recipes – they were delicious! My Mom and Julie gave me very sweet Mother’s Day gifts – I feel so spoiled!

Md Lunch Collage

We took advantage of George’s afternoon nap and drove around looking at homes. We aren’t buying a new place just yet, but we are doing a lot of research. I went for a quick run in the early evening and we had a very casual dinner afterwards. Given our heavy lunch, neither of us wanted much of anything – except George, he is always hungry!

My first “real” Mother’s Day was wonderful! I feel incredibly blessed and am thankful that I have such a great network of supportive family and friends to help me raise George. Most importantly, I am thankful for John – he is a modern dad and is exceptionally supportive.

In other exciting news, the Hunters are expecting TWINS this October. Please keep Nelda in your thoughts and prayers for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. My sister is a tough gal, but carrying twins can sometimes be a challenge. Good thing she is a BOSS. Doesn’t she look great?


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Jenny Murff says:

    George is so precious! I’m glad you had a wonderful first Mother’s Day. Please tell Nelda Congratulations from me. My sister had twins, too!

  2. Shundea says:

    I really need to see George before he starts walking!! I miss you too, Michelle. I love that you had a great first Mother’s Day. I’ll keep Nelda in my prayers.

    • MCA says:

      Thanks, Shundea. We meed to meet for lunch sometime soon!

      I hope you had a great Mother’s Day with your family! 🙂

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