Easter Sunday 2014

George slept for almost 10 hours on Saturday night and woke up at 5:30 AM on Sunday. I knew I shouldn’t have let him fall asleep so early — lesson learned. We made the most of our early start time and attended the 8:00 Easter mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral. It was a very beautiful service and I was glad to have attended early – especially as we saw the long lines of those waiting to get into the church for the 9:30 mass as we exited. Yikes.

After checking out of the hotel, we made our way to the Hunter home for our family Easter celebration. Even though he is too small to understand the concept of an Easter basket, we made sure that the Easter Bunny visited George this year. George and Grandpa Cruz enjoyed playing with all the new toys!

Basket Goodie Collage

Thanks to Nelda and Zach, we had an absolutely fabulous Easter feast. After a nice appetizer spread, we dined on fried turkey, broccoli and rice casserole, green bean casserole, baked mashed potatoes, and a cheesy potato and baked pineapple casserole that the neighbors brought over. For dessert, we had berry cobbler, coconut cake, ice cream and Rice Krispie nests. I made the nests this year!


After a bit of visiting, we left in the afternoon bound for Houston. The traffic was so horrible that it added another hour and a half to our trip. Seriously. The silver living was that George slept for 2 hours in the car on the drive home.

We had a really great Easter weekend and are so fortunate to have such a generous, supportive and loving family to share our lives with.

Arnolds Easter

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