George — 5 Months

Timeline: As of last Wednesday, our little Georgie is 5 months old! I apologize for the delay – I’ve been a busy bee!

G in Crib with book

How We’re Feeling: We continue to be incredibly blessed — George, John and I have been very happy and healthy.

How George is Changing: We haven’t been to the doctor since George’s 4 month check-up, so I am going to have to give you my best guess for his weight these days. I’m pretty sure George weighs about 15 1/2 pounds…or more. According to our amateur measuring session, we believe George is 26 inches long. In other words, George is growing! We are still breastfeeding and fortunately everything is still going really well on this front. George feeds 5 or 6 times a day and one of those is typically a bottle feeding (usually given by John or our nanny). George is still sleeping really well and typically sleeps for 8 1/2 to 11 hours at night (without waking to feed/change). I think we are officially over the sleep regression (for now). George has also become quite a good napper and typically sleeps 3 to 5 hours during the day.

G in Bumbo

How I’m Changing (Body After Baby): I will do another comprehensive update in a few days but I am down 53 pounds and feeling  great. Running and sleeping are going well for me too.

How I’m Staying Active: Running, walking and strength training are my exercise of choice these days. I’m loving it!

What’s Keeping Me Busy: In addition to being a Mom, I am still working full-time and am traveling more these days. 

What’s New with George: George is growing like a weed! He is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing now and I have had a lot of fun buying clothes for the Spring. George is almost able to sit up unassisted and loves to grab at things with both hands. George is also a big music fan and loves to dance with Mom and Dad. George also loves to be sans clothing!

G in crib diaper

What’s New at Cliffwood: We are still in the midst of a prolonged Winter house cleansing. We are still sprucing up a few things around the house and are waiting on the delivery of a few pieces of furniture and decorative items. I hope to post more about these things in the next week.

The Nursery: We finally decided on wall art for the nursery and are awaiting delivery of the chosen items. We are getting so close to being “done” with the decor in the nursery.

George – 5 months old

G Texans Indep Day

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