Body After Baby: 19 Week Check-in

I intended to do an 18-week check-in, but time totally got away from me. Today is George’s nineteen-week birthday…so we will just have to do a 19 week update instead! Here’s how I am doing with my post-baby body transformation. 


Challenge: I gained 67 pounds during my pregnancy and suffered from edema towards the very end. At six-weeks PPD, I was down 30 pounds. At twelve-weeks PPD, I was down 40 pounds.  At nineteen-weeks PPD, I am down 47 pounds.

Previous Goal/Progress:  If you will recall, my last goal was to lose another 4-6 pounds by February 1st. I ended up losing seven pounds. Goal met! 

New Goal: I still have another 20 pounds to go before I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. My new goal is to lose another 4-6 pounds by March 31st. I fully realize that this goal, and subsequent goals, may be difficult to achieve as I get closer to my pre-pregnancy weight and have fewer pounds to lose. This fact, plus maintaining enough of a supply to continue breastfeeding, will make things nice and challenging. 


Challenge: Per my doctor’s orders, I’m still not calorie-restricting or going on a crazy diet. Because calories are needed to create breast milk, the plan has been to eat about 2,000 to 2,200 calories per day. However, I couldn’t tell you how many calories I have been eating lately because I have been way too busy to keep track of these things.  I’m sure I have been eating more calories than I’d like because running has made me very, very h-a-n-g-r-y!

Previous Goal(s)/Progress: My goal was to make healthy food choices (totaling 2,000 to 2,200 calories per day) and to add extra servings of fruits and vegetables to my diet. I am doing well with healthy choices and fruit and vegetable consumption, but have dropped the ball on counting calories. I am also doing really well with water consumption.

New Goal(s): I plan to continue on the same path with my calorie and water goals. I’m not sure I will consistently track calories because I don’t have time for that these days. For now, I think I’m okay with estimating calories and listening to my body. I’ll re-evaluate these goals if weight loss isn’t happening at a desired pace.


Challenge: Finding time to exercise has gotten easier as George has gotten older. However, child-rearing is always time-consuming (but totally worth it!) and it can sometimes be hard to maintain a set schedule. Fortunately, John is a very supportive partner and has pledged his support here.

Previous Goal(s)/Progress: I completed the Freescale Austin Half Marathon this month. I did really well and enjoyed the entire training and race experience.

New Goal: My new goal is to continue running (4 to 5 times per week) and to incorporate regular strength training into my exercise routine. I’d love to add yoga to my routine too, but baby steps are needed here. I don’t have quite the free time that I used to have (and that’s OK!).

For those who like visuals, here’s a photo journey of my weight loss (please excuse the no make-up iPhone photos)…

38 Weeks Pregnant

38Weeks Preg Collage

 1 Week Post Partum

W1 Collage

 6 Weeks Post Partum

W6 Collage

 12 Weeks Post Partum

W12 Collage

 19 Weeks Post Partum

 W19 Collage

4 thoughts on “Body After Baby: 19 Week Check-in

  1. Shundea says:

    Ms. Lady exactly were are you supposed to lose another 20 pounds? Don’t post a picture in 3 weeks and you look like a bobble-head doll.

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