Valentine’s Weekend in Austin

We got more “firsts” out the way over the weekend, including our first road trip with George, George’s first visit to Austin and his first visit to Uncle Zach and Aunt Nelly’s house.  Good times all around!

We packed everything up on Thursday evening and left early Friday morning for Austin. George sported a cute Valentine’s Day outfit that Auntie Julie gave him.

G on Valetines

George did really well on our 2.5 hour drive from Houston to Austin.  We made one stop – at Hruska’s in Ellinger – to give everyone a chance to stretch their legs.  Once we got to Austin, John worked out of his office and I worked out of our hotel room at the W. George was an angel and played and slept while I worked. That evening, we celebrated Valentine’s Day very casually with dinner at Mama Fu’s and dessert at Delish. Since both are within walking distance of the W, we had a nice family celebration with G in tow. Our last-minute plans were completely unfancy and just what we needed.

Vdinner Collage

On Saturday, we had a leisurely morning that included a visit to Starbucks and a three-mile walk around Lady Bird Lake.  We spent the rest of the day with the Hunters.  George really enjoyed his time with Uncle Zach and Aunt Nelly and enjoyed meeting his doggie and cat cousins! Nelda really outdid herself and cooked up a storm – homemade tomato soup, fancy grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and chicken spaghetti and salad for dinner.  She also made delicious Nutella Rice Krispy treats. Talk about spoiled with food!

sat Collage

On Sunday, I ran the 2014 Austin Half Marathon (I’ll go into this more in a separate post). John and George spent the morning together while I pounded the pavement. After the race, we met the Hunters and a few friends for brunch at Trace at the W. The food and ambiance were great, and everything was kid-friendly. George slept for the majority of the drive home, making things very, very easy for everyone.

brunch Collage

We were grateful for a low-key weekend in Austin and feel very fortunate that George seems to travel well (at least for now!).  A couple of thoughts/notes for the record:

  • We should always pack the heavy-duty stroller (our Uppababy Vista) for trips to Austin. We survived with the Keyfit 30 adaptor stroller, but we could have used something sturdier for all our activities and walks.
  • George is quickly outgrowing our beloved Rock and Play. I guess we should work on getting him into the crib soon…
  • We over packed….again. Way too many burp cloths, diapers and outfits made it into our luggage.  We need to work on this.
  • The W Austin is very kid-friendly. The hotel went out of their way for us on multiple occasions.  We will stay there again in the future.

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