First Overnight Work Trip…Check!

Although I’ve been back at work full-time since the beginning of the year, I just made my first solo overnight trip last week.  It was hard being away from George, but I am glad to have this “first” under my belt.

When I began planning the trip, my #1 goal (in addition to having successful meetings and a productive trip, but that goes without saying, right?) was to spend as little time as possible away from George. Although George is in great care with John (at night) and his nanny (during the day), I still worry about him all the time. Thank goodness for late regional flights and flexible scheduling. In total, I was away from George for approximately 19 hours. Here’s a look at how my time away was spent.

Tuesday, February 4th
8:03 PM – Leave for IAH Airport
8:40 PM – Arrive at IAH (Park and go through security – there’s Pre-Check at Terminal B!)
10:15 PM – Plane Departs (delayed 39 minutes)
11:15 PM – Arrive at OKC/Get Rental Car
11:35 PM – Arrive at Hotel (Check-in, Unpack, Pump)

Wednesday, February 5th
1:00 AM – Go to Sleep
5:26 AM – Wake-Up/Morning Prep/Watch News/Pump
7:30 AM – Pump (again!)
8:45 AM – Meet up with colleagues at the OK State Capitol…Meetings, Meetings, Meetings
11:45 AM – Arrive at OKC Airport (Return car and go through security – they have Pre-Check now!)
12:00 PM – Pick up a quick salad for lunch and eat like a starved pterodactyl before boarding
1:15 PM – Flight departs OKC (delayed 35 minutes)
2:20 PM – Flight arrives at IAH
3:30 PM – Arrive home and reunite with George!

Lessons Learned:
– Don’t sweat the small stuff…things always turn out better than expected
– Don’t pack exercise clothes on trips lasting less than 24 hours – it’s not going to happen (at least not now)!
– Pack more bottles for pumping (I could have used one more)
– Pack a hat when it’s cold outside, especially when entering “polar-vortex” style conditions
– Plan to spend an extra ten minutes in airport security (if breast milk has to be scanned separately)

I have more quick trips on my plate this month and I hope to get better at being a mom/business traveler. I also just scheduled my first multi-night trip away from George for next month. I know this gets easier and I am grateful for the opportunity to phase back into the crazy life of a business traveler. I am also very grateful for a thoughtful and supportive husband. John is the best husband and father to George! Anyone have tips to share? I’m all ears!

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