Body After Baby: 12 Week Check-in

Today is George’s twelve-week birthday. Time flies! You know what that means…time to check-in and see how I am doing with my post-baby body transformation. 


Challenge: I gained 67 pounds during my pregnancy and suffered from edema towards the very end (this was only addressed when I checked into L&D). As of my six-week appointment, I was down 30 pounds. Today, I am down another 10 pounds.  Yes, I’ve lost 40 pounds! 

Previous Goal/Progress:  If you will recall, my immediate goal was to lose another 5-10 pounds by January 1st. Done! 

New Goal: I have another 27 pounds to go before I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. My new goal is to lose another 4-6 pounds by February 1st. I fully realize that this goal, and subsequent goals, may be difficult as I get closer to my pre-pregnancy weight.  This, plus breastfeeding, will make things nice and challenging. 


Challenge: Per my doctor’s orders, I’m not calorie-restricting or going on a crazy diet. Besides, I love food and don’t want to feel deprived. Calories are needed to create breast-milk, so I plan to eat about 2,000 to 2,200 calories per day. I am also against trendy short-term diets and therefore am personally against things like B-12 shots, Advocare, Visalus, Shakeology, Paleo, Atkins, etc.  I am not criticizing anyone who does these things, but that’s just not me. I need something that is going to help me in the long-term.

Previous Goal(s)/Progress: My goal was to make healthy food choices (totaling 2,000 to 2,200 calories per day) and to add extra servings of fruits and vegetables to my diet. I did pretty well with this goal, despite the holidays. I certainly indulged with my favorite holiday treats, but didn’t go overboard. 

I also did great upping my water intake back to 2.5-3 liters per day. This goal was easy!

New Goal(s): I plan to continue on the same path with my calorie and water goals. I’ll re-evaluate these if weight loss isn’t happening at a desired pace. 


Challenge: Finding time to exercise can be somewhat difficult with a newborn. George is a hungry boy, so I find myself feeding him much more often than I anticipated. That being said, I am very committed to exercising and finding time to do it. Fortunately, John is a very supportive partner and has pledged his support here.

Previous Goal(s)/Progress: I am registered for the Your Austin Half Marathon in February. I know that I am unlikely to set a PR at the race, but I’d like to finish strong and make my way home with a finisher’s medal. I am in week six of a twelve week training program that has me running four days a week and cross-training once a week. The other two days of the week are rest days. So far…so good! I had a bit of an ITB injury in weeks one and two, but I am back on track now.  I am getting faster (but would like to get even faster!) and am certainly more comfortable in my running. If it matters to anyone, all of my runs have been done outside on concrete (through our neighborhood). Good practice for race day, but tough on knees and feet!

New Goal: My new goal is continue with the second half of my training and to stay injury free. 




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