George — Week 1

Since a few folks have been asking for an update on George and me, I thought I’d provide a brief summary. In the spirit of blog post continuity, I’ve decided to use a modified version of my weekly pregnancy updates. Don’t worry — I’ll only update by week for the first month, then I’ll switch over to monthly updates. Here goes week 1…

Timeline: I’m 1 week postpartum; George is 1 week old. I ended up spontaneously going into labor and delivering George at 39 weeks and 2 days gestation on October 9th.

How We’re Feeling: Since he can’t talk yet, I’ll speak for George…he’s great! We’re both glad to be home after our 3 day/2 night hospital stay. I’m still recovering from the delivery, and am really only experiencing mild tail bone soreness now. Other than that, no complaints from me. I’m also really enjoying having John at home with me during these early days of George’s life.

John sleeping with G

How George is Changing: It’s amazing how much George has changed this week — both physically and developmentally. After one week, George now opens his eyes for extended periods of time and makes awe-worthy facial expressions. He is a much better sleeper now than he ways a few days ago, and he has finally decided that he is comfortable sleeping in his own space all by his lonesome. Yes, there were a few nights where one of us had to be holding at all times in order to avoid baby (and parent) melt down.


How I’m Changing (Body After Baby): Only one week has passed so there isn’t much to report here. I am much less swollen than I was in the final weeks of pregnancy and my belly has shrunk considerably. I certainly have a long way to go, but I am pleasantly surprised by the changes so far.

MWeek1BAB Collage

How I’m Staying Active: My only real workout over the past week was George’s delivery. I’d say 8 hours of active labor is a good enough workout, don’t you? Since then, I’ve been taking it easy, but being as mobile as possible. My primary activities have been caring for George, breast feeding and pumping. For those who haven’t done these tasks before…all three are fairly active! Technically, I am not allowed to vigorously exercise (according to my own previous standards — -i.e. Running, personal training) until I’m 6 weeks postpartum, but I plan to start walking next week. Since my doctor has approved this activity, I’m going to hit the sidewalks with George in tow.

What We’re Eating: Thanks to family and friends, we are well-fed these days!

What’s Keeping Me Busy: Aside from my motherly duties, visiting with friends and family has kept me busy this week. Busy…but in the best way possible!

What’s New with George: George is a very curious baby and likes to look around and see the world. He also loves to have his hands by his face and isn’t a fan of swaddling. When he isn’t snuggling with me or John, George’s favorite place to be is in his new Fisher Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. Yes, this is the same “miracle” tool that has taught Baby George to sleep independently. Special thanks to Jill, Melissa and Vanessa for making the product recommendation and saving our sanity! George and I also met with a lactation consultant this week. While we aren’t having issues with breastfeeding, I wanted to proactively establish a relationship with someone to ensure progress and to try to prevent future issues. Our consultant is wonderful and I’m glad we’re doing this. Finally, we took George to Spring, TX for his newborn photo shoot. I’ll share some photos once they’re available. In the meantime, let’s just say our first real outing with Georgie was quite the adventure!

Sleep Rocker 2

What’s New at Cliffwood: Aside from George’s arrival, not much is new on the home front. Although, we have enjoyed entertaining friends and family over the past week and making introductions to our George!

The Nursery: Just for kicks…I thought I’d keep this section in my updates. Well, especially since we are still waiting for our nursery furniture. Yes…I know!

New Mom Love: So far, I love everything about motherhood!


George — 1 Week Old

NB Photos

2 thoughts on “George — Week 1

  1. sparkleypinklemons says:

    Awe so cute. Glad it is going well for you guys. How do you like the Aden and Anais products? We have the same swaddle blankets. I have my eye on those burp cloths as well as their cribe sheets and bamboo dream blanket.

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