36 Week Update

At 36 weeks pregnant, Baby Arnold is expected to arrive in approximately 22 days. Countdown – About 3 weeks or less! Here are a few highlights from our life with Baby Arnold…

How Big Is the Baby? Baby Arnold is approximately the size of a Crenshaw melon and weighs somewhere around 6 pounds. The baby is about 18 1/2 inches long and continues to grow in weight and length. We start weekly appointments with our doctor this week, so hopefully we will have an update on the baby to share next Sunday. I should probably take a moment to thank John for joining me at every prenatal appointment during this pregnancy journey. John is an incredibly busy professional, but has made quite an effort to support Baby Arnold and me. I am so lucky! Thank you, John!

It’s A…Baby! We are still firm in our decision to learn the gender of Baby Arnold at the delivery. Boy and girl name selections are finalized (for now!). For what it’s worth, lots of friends have changed their “baby boy” guesses to “baby girl” guesses in the last few weeks.

How I’m Feeling – All things considered, I am feeling pretty great. My indigestion and acid reflux are back with a vengeance. Some of my evenings this week have been miserable and I am hoping to talk to my doctor tomorrow about a safe remedy. When I can sleep…I am back to other-dimension sleep. As in…coma-like sleep.  Glorious.

How I’m Changing – My bump continues to round and grow. Look how round I look from the front!

36 week front

How I’m Staying Active – I met my goal to be active for at least 60 minutes every day this week. My workouts consisted of walking on the treadmill everyday and doing some yoga and strength training at home. I really enjoy being active and I’m still enjoying my time in the gym.

Exercise Bump

What I’m Eating – I craved spicy foods this week — salsa, chile, red chile pepper, oh my! A few favorites from the week include a Whole Foods Hatch pimento cheese and beef chili oil ramen soup from Jenni’s Noodle House with extra chili oil.

Food Collage

What I’m Wearing – Since I am pretty much home-based until the end of this pregnancy, I am still dressing very casually. Yoga clothes, house dresses, maxi dresses and kaftans are still the standard. I had quite a few social commitments this week and wore both maternity and non-maternity dresses.

What We’re Buying – We are still waiting for the crib, dresser, changing top, crib conversion kit and mirror to arrive, and we are now officially very nervous and very frustrated. However, we are working on this issue and hope to have some sort of resolution in the next few days. John and I also purchased new cars this weekend and hope to have our car seats installed and inspected this week. I forgot what a long process car buying can be and we are glad to have that process behind us. I also purchased these cute socks this week and plan to take them to the hospital.

Labor Socks

What’s Keeping Us Busy  – Working and nesting are still our top two priorities. It seems impossible, but I am still finding things to organize and reorganize. We also attended Part One of a “Life with Baby” class at our hospital.  Since John did not grow up around lots of babies and it has been a few years since I have spent extended time taking care of a baby, this is a great environment for the two of us to get a refresher course. We really enjoyed the first part of the course — it was a stress-free environment with opportunities to ask lots of questions from an expert.

Part One Class Collage

The Nursery – No news to report until we receive our furniture. Sigh.

Official 36 Week Photo

Shelly_Week 36

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