Labor Day Weekend Island Time


At lunchtime on Friday, John and I left the house bound for Galveston, TX.

Fri Bags

Before we departed, I accidentally knocked over a beloved vintage vase and managed to score a nasty cut on my ankle. It was a pretty gnarly injury and I thought I was going to pass out when I saw all of the blood. Blerg. As it turns out, John is a great triage nurse and cleanup crew. My ankle and the broken glass were cleaned up in no time. Anyhow, we took the “long route” on our drive and made a stop for lunch in Kemah. Destination? Tookies! John and I were starving once we arrived, and we were glad to miss the typical lunch crowds. I had a classic cheeseburger (sans mayo) and shared a plate of fries and tater tots with John. Divine!


Afterwards, we continued on to Galveston, never encountering traffic during our entire journey. Considering it was the beginning of Labor Day weekend, we were both thrilled! We checked into the Hotel Galvez and spent the afternoon lounging in our room. I even managed to sneak in a quick nap while John watched a movie. In the evening, we made our way down the Sea Wall for dinner at Gaido’s.

 Fri Gaidos Sign

Gaido’s is a Galveston institution and has been in business for 100 years. If you like fresh Gulf seafood, this is a great place to get it. John and I had a great leisurely meal and enjoyed catching up with each other after a very busy week. I had Gaido’s homemade bread, house salad and soup combo (lobster bisque, bean soup and gumbo) for dinner, and shared the pecan pie with John for dessert. Everything was better than I anticipated and we both left completely satisfied.

 Fri Din Collage


We kicked off Saturday morning by sleeping in – it was glorious! We took advantage of our hotel’s location and strolled along the beach for a morning walk.

Sat Walk Collage

Afterwards, we stopped into the hotel restaurant for a quick (healthy) breakfast. We made our way to the pool after breakfast and hung out for a few hours. Even though I guzzled ice-cold coconut water and was positioned in the shade, this gal couldn’t take the oppressive heat and humidity. We only lasted two hours at the pool.


For lunch, we drove down to the Beach Hut. To be clear, the Beach Hut is not fancy or complicated — perfect for a laid-back weekend. We sat on the breezy covered patio and dined on a delicious lunch of chips and queso, chicken tenders, fries and a BLT. Almost everything we ate for lunch was brown — ha! Sad, yet delicious. You only live once, right?

Sat Lunch Collage

We spent the remainder of the afternoon holed up in our well air-conditioned room — reading, watching TV, catching up and napping. Since we know we won’t get to do much of this once Baby Arnold arrives, we took full advantage of the opportunity to be lazy and relax. This was a great way to spend the day together.

For dinner, we made our way to The Strand and dined at Luigi’s.  Luigi’s is our favorite restaurant in Galveston – we both love the handmade pasta, intimate environment and fantastic service.  I had a salad and handmade fettuccine with chicken sausage for dinner.  My meal was absolutely amazing.

Sat Din Collage

Afterwards, we did a bit of shopping on The Strand before stopping into the La King Confectionery. I have very fond memories of stopping into La King for ice cream and candy over the years, and I was excited to stop in for a sweet treat.  After surveying all of our choices, John and I ended up getting several candy options, including dark chocolate haystacks, dark chocolate covered cherries and dark chocolate almond bark.  Homemade chocolate is the best!

La King Collage


We both slept in on Sunday and had a very relaxing morning.  We had plans to attend the hotel’s famous Sunday brunch, but we turned around the second we saw the unorganized staff and service. We weren’t about to face long lines, an overcrowded space and unorganized service – it would have ruined our Zen. Instead, we did some more lounging before checking out.  We went by two back-up brunch locations, but by that time everything was backed up and both places had long lines outside each establishment. Thanks, but no thanks. We ended up eating lunch on our drive home – best decision ever.  We had a really nice time in Galveston and I am glad we took the time to get away and relax. We spent the rest of Sunday lounging around the house and catching up on a few to-dos.


We both slept in on Monday — do you see a trend here? After exercising, John and I split up to tackle our individual to-do lists. I spent the day doing 5 loads of baby laundry, organizing the baby’s closet, doing 2 loads of my laundry, cleaning the kitchen, organizing my china hutch, doing a bit of work and napping.  Yes, had to throw in napping as a to-do! I also managed to watch part of the “Castle” marathon on TNT. Priorities, people!

I hope you had a nice, long weekend and that you spent time with your family and friends.

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