33 Week Update

At 33 weeks pregnant, Baby Arnold is expected to arrive in approximately 43 days. We couldn’t be more excited! Here are a few highlights from our life with Baby Arnold…

How Big Is the Baby? Baby Arnold is approximately the size of a durian (the only time I have had one was in China in 2012!) and weighs about 4 pounds. The baby is about 17 inches long and is still in a transverse position. We had a doctor’s appointment this week and everything looks great. Baby’s heartbeat is still loud and fast and he/she is still very active.  John and I both received our TDaP vaccinations at the appointment and it was neither painful or stressful. However, John had a bit of a reaction to the shot and had a sore arm all week.

It’s A…Baby! We are still firm in our decision to learn the gender of Baby Arnold at the delivery. We finally have a name picked out if the Baby is a boy and we have narrowed our choices down to two if the Baby is a girl.  We hope to come to a final decision soon. And yes…we are keeping the (potential) names a secret until the Big Day.

How I’m Feeling – Today? Great. However, I had somewhat of a tough week. I had some sort of stomach bug earlier this week and was very under the weather. We almost made a trip to the ER, but were fortunately able to manage things from home. Being ill while pregnant is very difficult and I don’t wish that on anyone.

How I’m Changing – My bump continues to grow at a very rapid pace. I really think I am getting more round…


How I’m Staying Active – Due to my illness, I did not meet my goal to be active for at least 60 minutes every day this week. I did, however, manage to include 4 days of walking on the treadmill and 2 personal training sessions. I made the most of my rest days and really rested. What else can you do? I also enjoyed a long walk on the beach with John on Saturday morning.

33 week walk

What I’m Eating – My eating and drinking habits have been pretty normal this week.  My favorite meal of the week was our Friday lunch at Tookie’s in Kemah, TX. On our drive down to Galveston for Labor Day weekend (more on that later), we stopped off in Kemah for delicious burgers and tater tots. I also tried Blue Bell’s new Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream. This new flavor just might be my favorite.

PB Blue Bell

What I’m Wearing – Since I am pretty much home-based until the end of this pregnancy, I am dressing very casually. Yoga clothes, house dresses, maxi dresses and kaftans are the standard. I also wore a maternity bathing suit this weekend and I was surprised that it still fit!


What We’re Buying – We purchased additional baby clothing this week (I know…), but otherwise have been preoccupied with waiting for the rest of our furniture to arrive for the nursery. Allegedly, the last of the furniture is expected soon. We are still waiting for the crib, dresser and mirror to arrive, but we are starting to get nervous…

What’s Keeping Us Busy  – Working and nesting are still our top two priorities. In the past, John and I used the long Labor Day weekend to get away one last time for the summer. We spent last year in Bal Harbour, the previous year in Palm Springs, and the year before that in New Orleans. With Baby Arnold on the way, a flight or long-drive was not in the cards (or a part of the doctor’s orders) for us. Instead, we spent a nice weekend in Galveston, TX and had a great, relaxing time together (more on this later this week).

The Nursery – We are still unpacking baby gifts and boxes and finally unwrapped our baby swing — the Nuna Leaf! Very generous friends gifted the Leaf to us last week and we love its simplicity and modern design. I wish they made one of these in my size!

Nuna Leaf

Official 33 Week Photo

Shelly_Week 33

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