Hometown Baby Shower

Last weekend, two close girlfriends (Chrissa & Sally) hosted a fabulous baby shower for me near my hometown. I have known Chrissa for 28 years (GULP!) and Sally for the last three years. Both of these women are very important to me and have provided me with a great deal of support and friendship, especially in the last few months.

Chrissa M and Sally

The shower was very traditional (women only!) and the theme was “Curious George.” So cute! We enjoyed a nice spread of snacks and beverages, including some seriously addictive punch. Chrissa’s Mom has made her infamous punch at events over the years and I LOVE it!

Shower Decor Collage

Since several people have asked for the recipe, I will get it and post it on the blog.  I’m sure I will be making it in the near future (and you might be too!). Sally and her Mom made the cookie cake – it was adorable and very tasty.  Sally added sea salt to the recipe and my goodness was it delicious!


Since Sally was in charge of the shower games, they were naturally a hit! We played two games during the shower – the how big is the belly game and the celebrity baby names game (my sister Nelda won this game). My friend Lindsay guessed my belly size perfectly. Does this usually happen? I am stunned since 3 women guessed correctly at my NM shower too. Or, maybe I am just really bad at this game?

Game Collage

The last activity of the shower was a Diaper Raffle. Are you familiar with this? – I wasn’t until the shower invitations came out.  Basically invitees bring diapers (any size, style and quantity) and are entered into a drawing.  At the end of the shower, a name is drawn and the winner receives an awesome prize. I promise the Raffle wasn’t rigged – Julie (my sister!) won the prize. Regardless, we have quite a few diapers now!

 Diaper Raffle

Yet again, my friends and family were overly generous with Baby Arnold and me. We received some very beautiful, sweet and witty gifts that I am sure to use in the very near future.

Gift Collage

I had a great time catching up with friends and talking about Baby Arnold at the shower. However, there never seems to be enough time to catch up with friends at these types of events. I am so lucky to have so many supportive women in my life, especially my Mom and sisters!

F F Collage

Special thanks are in order for Chrissa and Sally – great hostesses and friends.  I love you two! XOXO!

Sally George Chrissa and M

2 thoughts on “Hometown Baby Shower

  1. Shundea says:

    I’m sorry I missed the shower. We didn’t know if I was really sick or if my allergy/sinus issues had decided on mutiny, so I stayed home. The last thing a pregnant woman needs is to be sick because you can’t take anything good to comfort you.

    You look awesome, as expected!! I am off-the-wall happy and excited for you. Remember the vow to not become a crazy mommy. Love you-Shunny

    • MCA says:

      Shunny! You are too kind. Thanks for your support, love and encouragement.

      Please jump in if you see me leaning towards the crazy. Let’s try to prevent the need for a full-scale intervention! 🙂


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