29 Week Update

At 29 weeks pregnant, we are in the third trimester. Here are a few highlights from our life with Baby Arnold…

How Big Is the Baby? Baby Arnold is approximately the size of a butternut squash and weighs about 2.5 pounds.  The baby is about 15 inches long and is currently in a transverse position. We had a doctor’s appointment this week and everything still looks good and we are measuring perfectly. Baby Arnold is still wildly active throughout the day and night.

It’s (Still) A…Mystery. We won’t know if Baby Arnold is a boy or girl until the delivery. In the meantime, almost everyone we meet/see has a guess. For every confident “it’s a boy,” there’s an equally confident “it’s a girl.”

How I’m Feeling – I’m still feeling wonderful and I realize how blessed I am to be able to say this. I’m still sleeping soundly and peacefully, despite the fact that Baby Arnold wakes me up every morning at 3:15 AM. He/She kicks until I get up and walk around for a while. Fortunately, I am able to get some sleep afterwards. I guess Little Arnold is preparing me for what life will be like in just a few weeks. I am still eating relatively healthily and craved spicy foods this week.  Seriously, I cannot get enough spicy food. I have also become a little camel.  By the afternoon, my legs and ankles are pretty swollen and I must elevate my feet, less I endure some serious pain. Even still…I love being pregnant and am still enjoying things.

How I’m Changing – My belly is rounding and growing at record pace. I sure seem to be making up for lost time from when I wasn’t really showing. Exhibit A…

29 week bump shot

How I’m Staying Active – I met my goal and was active for at least 60 minutes every day this week. My workouts consisted of walking and personal training. The increased shortness of breath makes things more difficult, but I am up for the challenge. I always leave my workouts feeling accomplished and pleased with what I achieved for Baby Arnold and me. For those who have inquired, I always do my workouts indoors.  Due to the Texas heat/humidity and for safety reasons, I am keeping my workouts indoors (for now). Once the temperature outside cools downs (that seems laughable right now!), I will likely move my walks from the treadmill to the sidewalks of our neighborhood.

What I’m Eating – I was insanely hungry and thirsty this week.  While I tried to eat healthily, I did give in to two very strong cravings — a bagel and ice cream. Blue Bell’s Birthday Cake Ice Cream and a pumpernickel bagel with turkey sausage and cheese (and a side of jalapeno cream cheese salsa) from Einstein’s were odd, but fun, cravings that I was happy to satisfy. To be clear, however, I did not eat these at the same time. Not that i would judge someone who did…

Craved Food Collage

What I’m Wearing – I worked from home this week and pretty much rocked yoga pants and workout clothes for the past 7 days.  Aside from a few (fun) social outings, I was basically a fashion slob all week.  Felt so good!

What We’re Buying – Clothes. Yes, more of them. Stop us.

What’s Keeping Us Busy  –  We have definitely entered into a very busy time in our lives. In addition to full-time jobs, John and I are trying to prepare for Baby Arnold as much as possible.  We have been doing a lot of reading of baby books at night and are trying to spend as much time as we can with family and friends before Baby Arnold makes his/her debut. My sisters also hosted a fabulous baby shower for us this week (more on that later this week!).

The Nursery – Our contractor and his crew continued their work this week and we are very close to the final product. The walls are painted, the floor is stained, the rods have been hung, the closet has been refinished, and the electrical work is now complete. We are now waiting for the bookcase to be professionally cleaned and possibly re-stained. Half of our furniture has arrived, but we are waiting for the room to be complete before we attempt a move in. Here’s a sneak peek…

Room Phase 2 Collage

Official 29 Week Photo

Shelly_Week 29 Solo

3 thoughts on “29 Week Update

  1. babylute2013 says:

    Being a fashion slob for a whole week sounds great! I’ve always loved clothes and fashion, but lately I seem to not care quite as much. It probably has partly do to with the fact that I don’t work anymore. It is exciting to think of all the clothes I will someday wear again when I’m post natal and hopefully skinny again, lol. That’s great great you were able to work from home though!

    As always, great job on your activity level! I hear you on exercising indoors. In Florida I’m doing mostly indoor exercise because heat and humidity could potentially be pretty dangerous for us pregnant gals! Exercise in a/c is so refreshing!

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