New Mexico Baby Shower

This weekend, two of John’s cousins generously hosted a baby shower for us in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We never anticipated having a baby shower in the Land of Enchantment, but we were grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the impending arrival of Baby Arnold with members of John’s extended family. Fortunately, my parents were able to join us on the trip, making this a true family affair.

Collage_sunflowers and hosts

The themes of the shower were gray/white/yellow and rubber duckies. Everything was gorgeous. in addition to the great company, we had really delicious food and I had a hard time staying away from the fruit and baked mushrooms. John’s cousins thought of everything, including my pregnancy cravings of sparkling water and pineapple. The cake and cupcakes included a pineapple filling. Folks, these were to die for!


There were 40 family members at the shower. I don’t know about you, but that’s an awfully large baby shower in my world!


I was especially grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with both of our moms. John’s Mom is already a grandmother and this will be the first grandchild for my Mom. Regardless, both Moms are very excited.

M with Moms

We played several fun games, including the classic “how big is the belly?” game. Guests were asked to measure how much yarn it would take to get around the biggest part of my belly. Amazingly, 3 women (including two of John’s aunts) guessed the exact amount! My Mom came within a centimeter and most folks guessed I was much bigger than I actually am. I assume that’s normal — ha! Want to see how competitive women can get? If so, go to a baby shower.  These ladies took the shower games very seriously!

Collage_yarn game

We received a significant amount of baby things, including some very adorable clothes, toys, books, diapers, blankets, nursery accessories and gift cards (to accommodate the fact that we were travelling). Here’s a peek into some of Baby Arnold’s new things…


Shower guests also filled out these adorable “wishes for baby” cards. We had such a fun time reading these after the shower.


John and I were so touched by the time and planning folks spent getting to the shower and at the shower, as well as the act of showering us with generous gifts. While the gifts are nice and much appreciated, we most enjoyed seeing and spending time with our New Mexican family. Thanks again, Family! We Love You!

M and J closeup

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