July 12/13 – Kauai

I woke up super early on our last day in Kauai. We hit the gym, then breakfast, then the beach.


The hotel gave us a late (4 PM) check-out, allowing us to spend our last morning lounging and relaxing.

wildlife 3

It rained for about 10 minutes in the morning, but then the skies cleared and it was beautiful again. We had our last lunch on the beach, then I went back to our room to pack and shower for our departure.

lunch Collage

We checked out and made it to the Lihue Airport without much issue (although there was a bit of traffic). Hawaiian Airlines checked our bags all the way to Houston making our connection to United in Honolulu so much easier. It was a quick 20 minute flight to Honolulu, then we camped out in the United Club until our flight to Houston. To our delight, we had the same crew en route to Houston that we had on the flight to Honolulu. Additionally, my upgrades cleared and John and I were able to fly first class. This was especially nice as our flight was an overnight journey.


After dinner service, we both passed out and slept the majority of the way home. It was glorious.

dinner Collage

The flight attendants did a great job of keeping the plane dark and quiet and kept an extra eye on the “mama!”. I swear, while the attention was appreciated, it was unnecessary. It was still morning in Houston when we landed (8:30 AM), so we had the rest of the day to get settled and re-acclimated.

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