July 11th – Kauai

Since we both woke up starving (not sure why…we had a great dinner the night before!), we hit breakfast first thing in the morning and were the first people in the restaurant. Awkward!


To our delight, it rained during breakfast and Mother Nature presented us with rainbow after vibrant rainbow.

double rainbow

We were also able to see water falls cascading from the mountains from our perch. Glorious! After breakfast, John and I hit the gym for workouts, then got setup on the beach for a day of lounging. Well, I lounged and John tried his hand at standup paddle boarding.

beach Collage

We had another beachside lunch, full of favorites and some new things (cheese plate and flat bread).

lunch Collage

In the afternoon, I indulged with a maternity spa treatment at the hotel’s Halele’a Spa. If I had known the service and treatment were going to be so fantastic, I would have scheduled another treatment of some sort. I left feeling very relaxed!


When I got back to the room, John and I cracked open the sparkling apple cider that the hotel gave us as a gift. My how our lives have changed!


In the evening, we attended the Mailani luau dinner show at the hotel.

arnolds at mail

It pains me to write this, but I’m not sure this was the best choice for us. Without belaboring the point, I’ll share just a few complaints: (1) the dinner service was painfully slow and lacked quality customer service; (2) the food offerings at the buffet were OK and popular food choices were not replenished; (3) I was told “what we have is out” when I asked if I could get beef that wasn’t rare or medium rare; (4) when a server asked what I wanted to drink, I said “fruit punch.”   He responded with a “oh..the FREE punch and rolled his eyes. Umm…(5) despite empty tables, guests were forced to sit together; and (6) given the service and food, we were completely overcharged for what we got (example: we payed three times the amount we paid for a night out at Bar Acuda in Hanalei).

M Collage

The dancing and the music were beautiful, and I’m saddened that the service didn’t live up to the St Regis brand. As you might imagine, we left the dinner feeling a little unsatisfied. It wasn’t the best way to end our final night in Kauai, but I guess they all can’t be perfect.

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