Summer Projects at Cliffwood

While we have spent our summer traveling, spending time with friends and family, working, and getting ready for Baby Arnold, we have also been tackling a few other projects. Here’s a rundown of our major projects over the past few weeks…

Landscaping – After dragging our feet, we finally did something about our landscaping issue. We removed the previous owner’s outdated landscaping last year and finally hired a landscape architect a few weeks ago. Our landscaper, and neighbor, designed something really modern for us and planted everything while we were traveling. We love the new look, especially the use of native plants (when possible). We also had some work done in the backyard, but it isn’t complete just yet.

Front Collage

Storage Unit – For those new to the blog, we are the second owners of a very cool mid-century modern home that was built in 1956. While we love many of the unique features of our home, we certainly miss having a garage, attic and/or basement. Of course, I mention these spaces because they typically offer a homeowner additional storage space – something we generally lack in our home. Additionally, because I work from home and use a bedroom (and closet) as an office, we have been at maximum capacity with storage.

We finally pulled the trigger and rented a storage unit by the house last weekend. We cleaned the closet out in the nursery and used our dining room as a gathering space for everything that needed a new place to live. I’m happy to report that much of our things were donated, recycled or trashed.

DR Collage

Everything else is now in our (not at capacity) storage unit. Our contractor is picking up a few items, including the old mattresses seen above, for disposal. Everything on the table belongs in the nursery and the boxes to the left are baby items (stroller, car seat, adapters, etc.) I probably shouldn’t admit this, but we had to buy a mobile closet to store the 50 evening dresses I own in our storage unit. 50. And yes, I love them all. And yes, I have worn most of them to events in the past few years. For now, I’m considering it be an archive collection and not a hoarding problem. Ahem.

storage after side

Cars – We are both in the market for new cars. I have owned my car for 7+ year and John has owned his for 5+.  While I love my car, it is time for something newer (and under warranty!). As we prepare for Baby Arnold, this issue has become more important.  I currently drive a Volvo XC-90 and am looking for another SUV.  As a frequent traveler, I have driven many SUVs as rental cars, but am still undecided about what I want/need now.  Any ideas? I am open to suggestions.

Closet Organization – With Baby Arnold on the way, and maternity fashions the bulk of my wardrobe, we’ve also spent time reorganizing our closets. I just love an organized closet. As a busy business traveler, I find it so much easier to pack when I can find things easily.


AC Unit – As of the weekend, fixing the AC Unit is a new project for us. Our AC folks are replacing a few parts and tell us things should be as good as new today. Please cross your fingers. The last thing a pregnant woman needs is an AC problem!

4 thoughts on “Summer Projects at Cliffwood

    • MCA says:

      Thanks for the recommendation, Amanda. Two random questions: 1) does the Explorer have ports for directly charging Apple products? 2) what is the turn radius like? My Volvo is less than ideal in this area — sometimes making parking challenging. Thanks!

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