25 Week Update

We celebrated 25 weeks of being pregnant this week and are currently in Hawaii enjoying a long vacation (a baby-moon, if you please). Here are a few highlights from our life with Baby Arnold…

How Big Is the Baby? Baby Arnold is currently the size of a rutabaga. Can’t picture that? Essentially, the baby weights 1 1/2 pounds and is about 13-14 inches long.

It’s (Still) A…Secret. Are we tempted to find out? Yes! But the anticipation is half the fun.

How I’m Feeling – I’m feeling fabulous. The flight to Oahu was long, but I was extremely comfortable.  I am glad we decided to use some of my miles to upgrade to first class seats — elevating my feet, wearing compression socks, drinking lots of water and walking frequently helped to keep me comfortable. My ankles and feet are really starting to swell in the afternoons, although this probably has something to do with my impractical footwear choices, the amount of time I spend on my feet and my general over-activity. Oh, well. If these are my only complaints then I figure I am in pretty good shape.

How I’m Changing – Look at this bump (but please excuse the post-workout look) — still rounding and getting bigger by the second. I really love being pregnant.

25 week bump side view

How I’m Staying Active – I met my goal and was active for at least 60 minutes every day this week.  I managed to incorporate walking and hiking into my workout regimen this week, along with two strength training sessions with Mandy. I saw a chiropractor twice this week in order to address my weird IT Band pain. Long story short, the problem isn’t related to my ITB, but a weak foot.Thanks to pregnancy hormones, only one of my foot arches is falling, leaving me and my hips misaligned. However, the doctor doesn’t think my issues are permanent and is helping me work through them.

What I’m Eating – Even though we are on vacation, I’m still trying to eat healthily. While I am indulging, I am trying to balance things out by having as many servings of fruits and vegetables as I can. Since one of my pregnancy cravings has been pineapple…I am in heaven. The pineapple here is the best I have ever had. I’m also still drinking an unbelievable amount of sparkling water — it tastes so good to me.

pina craving

What I’m Wearing – Because we are on vacation, I added new maternity dresses into my wardrobe this week. I also added maternity bathing suits into the routine. If I get brave, I might consider posting a photo of one of my swimwear looks. Ha!

What We’re Buying – Before we left for our vacation, we ordered a dresser for the baby’s nursery, as well as a car seat for my car. My in-laws generously offered to purchase our crib and placed the order right before we left. While on vacation, we are on the lookout for anything Baby Arnold “must have.” So far, nothing has caught our eye.

The Nursery – Since we are traveling, not much is happening with the nursery this week. With the crib, dresser, side table and chair on order, all we can do is wait for these items to arrive.

Official 25 Week Photo

Shelly_Week 25

3 thoughts on “25 Week Update

  1. babylute2013 says:

    Yumm…pineapple! Sounds like your Hawaii vacation has been fabulous. Glad to hear that the long air travel was comfortable for you. Your baby bump looks very cute:)

  2. thebabydoctorswife says:

    Just found your blog via Katie Lute and am glad I did! We too vacationed in Maui when I was 25 weeks! Enjoy your time there. We got our baby girl a cute little onesie that says “aloha” on it. I am excited to follow your journey. You look wonderful and I am so glad to hear you are so active!

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