Summer Weekend in Santa Fe


I spent the majority of the work week in Washington, DC and flew back to Houston on Thursday. John met me at the airport and we flew to New Mexico so that I could attend some meetings on Friday morning and so that we could spend the weekend in Santa Fe. Since I am in between week-long work trips, we decided a weekend together in a relaxing spot was just what we needed. We typically travel to Santa Fe during the late summer for a long weekend to attend the Opera, feast and relax, but we moved that up given the date of Baby Arnold’s arrival. Late or early summer…we were appreciative of a relaxing weekend together.

Upon our arrival, we had a late dinner with John’s aunt and uncle in Albuquerque, then drove into Santa Fe.


On Friday morning, John and I had breakfast at Tia Sophia’s before my meetings. John had never been to Tia Sophia’s before, and he loved it. With a low-key environment and great food, Tia Sophia’s is a quaint restaurant just off the Plaza that is mostly frequently by locals and politicos (during legislative sessions). After my meeting, John and I had lunch at the Shed (just off the Plaza). Surprisingly, we only had to wait 20 minutes for a table. We sat inside and proceeded to have some of the most amazing guacamole we have ever had.It was creamy, included green chile and came sans onions. So delicious! For my entrée, I ordered the chicken enchiladas with red chile and could not have been more pleased.

Lunch at the Shed

Afterwards, we drove over to the La Posada Santa Fe and checked in for the weekend (hotel review to follow).  John and I stayed here in 2004 and absolutely loved the property.

LP-View from balcony

We have spent the last 9 years or so exploring other Santa Fe hotels, but we decided it was time for a return visit this weekend. We checked into our room and spent the afternoon working, relaxing and napping.  When dinner time rolled around, we made our way to Andiamo, an Italian trattoria.  While Andiamo has always been on our list of places to try, we have never made it there.  I tried to have dinner there several times this Winter, but couldn’t get a reservation.  Needless to say, we were happy to finally be able to partake in the infamous cuisine.  Over the course of the evening, I had the baby greens salad, the homemade cheese ravioli and the chocolate profiteroles.

Fri Dinner Collage

With a  commitment to local food products and a farm to table mentality, our meal was of the freshest quality and delivered the most savory of flavors. Our food was absolutely fabulous and the service was attentive, but not over-bearing.  We loved our experience and hope to visit again soon.


After a great night of sleep, John and I kicked off our Saturday morning with breakfast on our patio. The weather was cool, the sun was shining and our food was quite tasty. Since I have had an intense craving for pancakes for the past few weeks, I finally caved and ordered the buttermilk pancakes with fresh blueberries. Divine!

Sat breakfast

After breakfast, we made our way to the spa and joined in on the 9:00 yoga class. Olga, our instructor, was very kind and led our 3-person class in an hour of individualized practice. I loved the class so much that I am committed to incorporating a class (not a video) into my workout regimen, when possible. After our class, John and I enjoyed massages in the spa. This was the first massage of my pregnancy and it was divine.  This is something else I need to make more time for in my life. We decided to have lunch at our hotel and ate at Fuego — the hotel’s outdoor restaurant.We started with a trio of guacamole, salsa and queso and I had a steak salad for my entrée.  Everything was perfect, especially the weather that we enjoyed while dining.

Sat Lunch Collage

We took a walk after lunch and did a bit of shopping in the Plaza. I picked up some gluten-free pastries from Cafe Pasqual’s and some dip mixes from The Chile Shop. We spent the afternoon by the pool and it was oh-so-relaxing.

For dinner, we had reservations at Geronimo.  We try to have dinner there on every trip to Santa Fe because the food is like none other.  Truly, this restaurant is not only one of my favorites in the world, it is consistently fabulous. Anyhow, we had a very leisurely dinner wherein I ate homemade  green chile cheddar rolls, heirloom tomato soup, lobster with homemade angel hair pasta and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Hands down, this was my favorite meal of the year.

Geronimo Collage

While we were dining, Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron and Seth McFarlane joined us in the dining room. Seriously – apparently they are filming a movie in New Mexico this summer. They were there a good half hour before other diners began to notice them. Apparently, my celebrity-spotting skills might mean that I might watch too much E!


With lots on our plate this week, John and I made our way back to Houston today.  We would have liked to have stayed one more night, but duty calls.  Hope you had a great weekend too!

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