22 Week Update

We celebrated 22 weeks of being pregnant this week. I’m using the term “celebrate” deliberately here because we know we are incredibly blessed to be on this journey together. Here are a few highlights from our life with Baby Arnold…

How Big Is the Baby? Baby Arnold is currently the size of a papaya. We had a routine 22 week appointment with my ob/gyn and she confirmed that everything still looks great. Because I always expect to hear bad news when I go to the doctor (yes, I’m still crazy), I’m always relieved when I hear nothing but good news.  Also, I am measuring exactly at 22 weeks so there isn’t likely to be a change to my due date.

It’s (Still) A…Secret. I saw my colleagues this week and they had both baby boy and girl predictions.  Some may find not knowing the sex of the baby to be really annoying, but we are still excited by it.

How I’m Feeling – I’m feeling great. I am finally over my cold and am feeling like my self again. Well, as much as you can feel like yourself at 22 weeks pregnant! I purchased a Boppy body pillow and it is the best pillow…ever.  We have a California King size bed so there is plenty of room for John, me, the Baby and the Boppy.


How I’m Changing – We officially have a noticeable pregnant belly! Amen! Honestly, gaining weight and watching my shape change has been somewhat difficult, but I will do anything to bring a healthy child into this world.

How I’m Staying Active – I met my goal again this week and did 60 minutes of cardio per day. These workouts included 2 short, but steady runs. Wahoo — I’m back in business! Due to personal and professional travel schedule changes, I was unable to see Mandy this week. Instead, I improvised with strength training workouts on my own.  I am still medically cleared to exercise, but have been asked to dial back the intensity a tad. Whatever you say, doc!

22_workout pic

What I’m Eating – Despite traveling this week, I still managed to eat healthily.  However, I had the biggest craving for donuts this morning.  Because John is awesome, he made a dash to Shipley’s as soon as I mentioned it.  I love him.


What I’m Wearing – I am still wearing a mix of regular and maternity clothing, although all of my professional clothing is strictly maternity as of this week.  As I have mentioned before, I love traveling in maxi dresses in the summer because they allow me to easily accommodate the hot weather outside and the (usually) chilly weather on planes and in hotels/indoors. I wore this Loft dress this week and I absolutely love it. I plan on living in this for as long as it fits.

22_front view

What We’re Buying – We are buying summer clothes because…we traveling to Hawaii next month for our last long vacation together before the Baby Arnold arrives. We are spending 10 days in Oahu and Kauai and are looking forward to a very relaxing vacation.  While we don’t plan on running ourselves ragged sight-seeing, we do plan on spending some time exploring the islands.  Any recommendations, friends?


The Nursery – We spent the weekend organizing the guestroom/nursery.  We finally worked our way through items on the bookshelves and parted with 9 boxes full of books.  We made $100.00 at Half Price Books, although much of our book stash was kept as donations for schools and libraries. We are tackling the closet next. Pray for us.

Official 22 Week Photo

Shelly_week 22

4 thoughts on “22 Week Update

  1. Aman says:

    You are looking adorable! We went to Kauai for Christmas & it was AMAZING!! Be sure to do the helicopter ride- totally worth it, especially without the doors. I also enjoyed the sail on the Napali Coast where we got to snorkel & swim with a wild turtle. We really enjoyed just driving & stopping at all the beaches. Which hotel/area are you staying at there?

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