20 Week Update

And just like that I am half-way through with this pregnancy journey.  I cannot believe that I am already five months pregnant. Time flies! Here are a few highlights from Week 20…

How Big Is the Baby? The baby is the size of a banana this week and is rapidly growing in size.  It feels like Baby Arnold is constantly moving around in there — I love it! I also love the look on John’s face when he feels the baby moving.

It’s A…Secret, although everyone has an opinion.  From strangers to family members, it seems that everyone “knows” the sex of Baby Arnold.  Almost everyone has name suggestions for us too, although that is a completely separate discussion.  For what it’s worth, the majority of folks seem to think  (“know”) that Baby Arnold is a girl.

How I’m Feeling – I’m still feeling great. I am still sleeping and eating well and my appetite has been out of control lately. I have never eaten so much food in my life, including the times I trained for the 2006, 2007 and 2010 Chicago Marathons. I know — crazy! With the increased temperatures, I am also insanely hot lately. During our weekend travels to New Mexico, I learned that I am going to be staying in the car this summer while John runs errands outside.  A cool Michelle is a happy Michelle!

20 Weeks Cool Off

How I’m Changing – My belly continues to round, however, from my perspective it is bigger than it is in reality. I have never had a belly (I don’t accumulate fat there — just everywhere else), so this is an interesting change for me.

How I’m Staying Active – As you might recall, I was experiencing mild IT Band pain last week and decided to pull back on the intensity of my workouts. I took time off from running this week and instead spent my time walking and on the elliptical.  I still met my goal this week and did 60 minutes of cardio every day. My leg is feeling better so it appears the time off from running has helped.

20 Week Work Out

What I’m Eating – Everything. Ha! I have been eating a lot of spicy foods and smoothies lately.  I have also been guzzling liters of water per day.  My dream food of the week was this Dairy Queen sundae. Glorious!


What I’m Wearing – I worked a few maternity items into my wardrobe this week.  Here are a few maternity dresses I wore —  (L to R) items from Japanese Weekend, Isabella Oliver and Ann Taylor Loft. Maternity clothes are incredibly soft and comfortable. I can see myself wearing some of these items even after the baby is here!

M Clothes Collage

What We’re Buying – I didn’t purchase anything for Baby Arnold this week, but I received quite a few gifts.  Thanks to dear friends and family, Baby Arnold has new receiving blankets, a silver rattle, clothes and a knit University of Texas hat. Now…where to put all of this…

The Nursery – No news about the nursery this week. Hopefully we will get furniture and decor in soon.

Official 20 Week Photo

Shelly_Week 20

2 thoughts on “20 Week Update

  1. Amber W. Smith says:

    You look AMAZING chica! Seriously you look great. You will have to email your colors and theme to me as I make quilts (don’t judge – it is the maw maw in me… LOL) It might get to the baby when he/she is driving, but it will eventually get to you. 😉
    Congrats again and thanks for the updates. So excited for you two.

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