19 Week Update

A few highlights from Week 19…

How Big Is the Baby? Baby Arnold is currently the size of a mango and weighs in at 9 ounces. Thanks to a planned anatomy scan appointment, we had an opportunity to see Baby Arnold in action this week. During our ultrasound, my Mom, John and I were able to hear baby’s heartbeat and see multiple images of our little one.

Baby A Profile 19 Weeks

It’s A…Secret. Our perinatal doctor was able to clearly determine Baby Arnold’s gender during our appointment this week and so far he, and his assistant, are the only folks that are in on the secret. While we were tempted to sneak a peek and/or inquire about the sex of the baby, we exerted a tremendous amount of will power and didn’t.

How I’m Feeling – I’m still feeling fantastic! My only complaint is IT band soreness on my left leg. For now, I’m doing stretches and using my foam roller to try to manage the mild pain. I have also hired John as my personal masseuse. I am also dialing back my workouts just a tad (more on this below).

How I’m Changing – My belly is getting a tad rounder, but no major changes yet. Truthfully, I am having some belly envy as of late. Look how cute my cousin’s belly looks!

cousin bellies

How I’m Staying Active – I met my goal and got in at least 60 minutes of cardio each day this week, including 4 days of running. I spent the last three days of this week walking instead of running to try to minimize some of my IT band pain. I still want to run, but I don’t want to be stupid and injure myself. Therefore, I’m going to try to take it easy until I feel more like myself.

What I’m Eating – Everything. Seriously. My appetite is out of control this week, but eating mini meals all day seems to help. I’m also still hopelessly addicted to Topo Chico. Thanks to my Mom, I now have an additional two cases to work my way through.

What I’m Wearing – I’m still wearing a lot of my regular clothes, especially my summer clothes. Apparently I have been dressing like a pregnant woman for years because all of my maxi dresses are pregnancy appropriate. However, I think I may be switching to more maternity wear soon.

What We’re Buying – I purchased adorable clothing from Baby Gap and Jack and Janie this week. Other than that, we have been doing a lot of research on rugs, artwork and lighting for the nursery.

The Nursery – No news about the nursery this week. Hopefully we will get furniture in soon.

Official 19 Week Photo

Shelly_Week 19

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