18 Week Update

This has been a very busy week for the Arnolds. Here are a few highlights from Week 18…

How Big Is the Baby? The baby is currently the size of a sweet potato. Baby Arnold continues to move constantly and John is now able to feel the movements too. We had a check-up this week and everything looks good.  We spent a long time with our doctor (who we love!) and she was able to ease my concerns about random ailments and conditions that, as it turns out, I am not likely to experience.  I guess I am not totally over that crazy stage, eh?

Week 18_dr. appt

It’s A… Mystery. We still don’t have plans to find out the sex of Baby Arnold.

How I’m Feeling – With the exception of today, I have felt great all week. I had two work trips this week and was very busy with meetings and other commitments. I am trying to balance my busy days out with mini naps, when possible.  Sometimes a 15-minute nap is all I need to feel energized. I also experienced crazy leg cramps for the first time this week. I understand that these are totally normal, but they are mighty uncomfortable. I also had lunch with my girl, Blanca, this week.  In addition to being a wonderful human being with a generous spirit, she is also a mentor to me.  If I am half the mother that she is, Baby Arnold will turn out just fine.

How I’m Changing – There hasn’t been much change in my belly this week, but my doctor assures me that this is normal (for me). Since I am gaining weight normally, we can only assume that I am progressing as expected.  According to my doctor, physical change is around the corner. I guess we will see!  

Week 18_Collage

How I’m Staying Active – I met my goal and got in at least 60 minutes of cardio each day this week, including 5 days of running. Running is a tad more difficult these days as my center of gravity continues to change. I am compensating for these changes by slowing down, reclining the treadmill and drinking lots of water.  Also, I am really loving my Lululemon tanks — they are long and don’t ride up during my workouts.

Week 18_exercise

What I’m Eating – Since the temperature continues to rise, I am leaning heavily on cold drinks these days.  From ice water to smoothies, I am now over drinking hot tea throughout the day. I kick off each day with a vegetable/fruit smoothie that I prepare with my Vitamix.  My favorite smoothie this week is a kale-apple-celery-lemon concoction.  Delicious!


What I’m Wearing – I am still mostly wearing my regular clothes (as a reminder – some are out of the rotation for being too tight to be professional). I am trying to break in some of my maternity dresses and will try to remember to take photos of some of my maternity work items throughout the next week.

What We’re Buying – We have begun putting together lists of things we will need for Baby Arnold.  I know I don’t need all-the-things for the baby, but there are some items that will make everyone’s life easier.  We have been doing a lot of research and finally picked out a stroller and car seat – we went with the UppaBaby Vista stroller and the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat. I will post reviews once these items arrive at Casa Cliffwood. Additionally, the diaper bag John gave me for Mother’s Day finally arrived! Since I will likely be using this bag as a diaper bag, purse and work bag, I am glad that it is large, sturdy and comes with multiple zippered pockets.

Stroller and DB Collage

The Nursery – We have made some progress in Baby Arnold’s nursery. We met with our contractor this week and discussed plans to convert our guest bedroom into our new nursery.  We will begin construction in a few weeks, preferably while I am out of town for work. In the meantime, we are working on the overall design concept.  As you might imagine, we have decided on a modern theme. The base colors will be grey and white with touches of yellow. We think this will fit in nicely with the current aesthetic of Cliffwood. Don’t worry — we aren’t going with prison grey or a prison theme!

Nursery Paint Samples

We have selected three bedding themes from Dwell (more on this later) and will order one of them once Baby Arnold arrives and we know if we have a son or daughter. Additionally, we just ordered a Knoll Womb Chair and Saarinen side table for the nursery from DWR and I will post pictures as these items arrive over the next few weeks.

Official 18 Week Photo

Shelly_Week 18

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