Mother’s Day 2013

This year, John and I were lucky enough to celebrate Mother’s Day with all of our parents. John’s parents flew in from Phoenix and spent the entire weekend with us. We had a weekend packed full of delicious meals and outings. We all met up with my parents for dinner at Pico’s Mex Mex (our favorite!) on Saturday night and had a grand ole time. We ended up running into some friends – which was a nice bonus and surprise.

With Moms

Today, we met my parents, and Julie and Ian, for brunch at Ouisie’s Table (another favorite!). We were lucky to snag a reservation this year so everyone could indulge in their favorite comfort foods. Half us ordered the infamous chicken fried steak — including me. Heavenly. Afterwards, everyone came over to Casa Cliffwood for dessert and to open gifts. I picked up two delicious cakes from Whole Foods — a chocolate eruption and a carrot cake. Friends, these cakes are amazing. If you need a dessert that “wows,” you can’t go wrong with these.


Both Moms enjoyed their gifts and John and I enjoyed watching them open their gifts. My Mom was especially tickled by her “Grandma” gifts.

Mom Book

Although gifts aren’t everything, I was very surprised, and excited, to receive gifts for Mother’s Day this year.  Both of my Mom’s gave me gifts, as did John. John gave me these great shoes (!) and a diaper bag (it’s on order — pictures when it arrives!).

 Gift Collage

It was great to be around family all weekend. We are truly blessed!

 J & M

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