17 Week Update

Here are a few highlights from Week 17…

Shelly_Week 17_both hands

How Big Is the Baby? The baby is currently the size of an onion. I have felt the baby moving around for a few weeks, but I am really feeling him/her now. I absolutely love it!

It’s A… Mystery. Yes, still a mystery. Both Moms asked for advanced notice on the sex of the baby (ha!), but we are still holding out. My Mom is adamant that she know so that she can begin buying things. Oh well, I told her to stock up on things that are white, green, yellow, navy, orange and brown. Wow — I just listed six color options. See how easy that was, Mom?

How I’m Feeling – I’m still feeling fantastic! I had three work trips this week and everything went off without a hitch. While I was tired when I got home this weekend, I tried to make up for lost time by napping and generally trying to take it easy. I have been sleeping better too — Hallelujah!

How I’m Changing – My mid-section is getting a tad rounder, but there isn’t much change in this department. Am I headed for a growth spurt soon?

How I’m Staying Active – I met my weekly goal and got in at least 60 minutes of cardio each day, including 5 days of running. My workouts in Santa Fe, NM were tough because of the altitude. To compensate, I made these workouts my “walk” days.

What I’m Eating – I took full advantage of being in New Mexico and ate the heck out of red and green chile. My favorite meals this week included the chicken fried steak from Ouisie’s and the Blue Lady Plate from Cafe Pasqual’s.

santa fe

What I’m Wearing – I am still mostly wearing my regular clothes (as a reminder – some are out of the rotation for being too tight to be professional). I wore a few more maternity items this week, including two maternity dresses for work and one for Mother’s Day. Let’s see if these dresses actually “grow with me.”

What We’re Buying – We still haven’t purchased any major items for the baby. However, we received a few gifts from our parents over the weekend. So fun!

Week 17_one hand side

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