Cuatro de Mayo

On Saturday, I woke to the smell of coffee. However, the coffee was actually 40 paces from me outside the door of our suite. Pregnancy nose…gets me every time these days!  After John had his coffee (and I had a homemade cinnamon roll!!!), we took a long walk on the beach.

4_cinnamon roll

Surprisingly, the beach was very quiet and peaceful with very few other people to greet. After about an hour of walking, we returned to the hotel for breakfast al fresco. We started things off with homemade bolillos, butter and fresh cantaloupe jam.  Then, John and I both had fresh juice (spinach, cucumber, apple and celery) and huevos mexicanos con chorizo. Our entrees were served with homemade tortillas and delicious salsas.

4-breakfast collage

After breakfast, we set ourselves up in a beach-side palapa and read, slept and people-watched for several hours. We ended up having a fantastic beach-side lunch thanks to the neat beach set-up the Viceroy has for its guests. Each over-sized palapa comes with two lounge chairs, a cocktail table, a lunch table and two dining chairs.

hotel_beach palapas

That means lazy folks like us can lay around and eat all day without changing locations. In other words, it’s perfect!I had steak tacos, guacamole and chips and a Yoli for lunch. The fact that the tortillas and the accompanying salsas were homemade nearly made me cry – I felt like I was at home and that my Mom cooked everything!

4_lunch collage

After another hour or so on the beach, we retired to our room and nestled into our private outdoor patio and plunge pool. I later took an afternoon nap and woke up feeling very well-rested.

With the glorious afternoon weather (the temperature was in the 80’s and it was breezy), we hit the beach for another long walk. This time, however, there were hundreds of local families on the beach enjoying the weekend. As always, we enjoyed seeing families build sand castles, play with their kids and partake in water sports.

4_ walkCollage

For dinner, we made our way to the La Casa Que Canta Hotel. For those new to the blog, John and I have a special place in our hearts for the hotel — we hosted our wedding dinner at the restaurant in 2006, then had the dancing/crazy reception in the El Murmullo private residence (we also spent the first few days of our honeymoon there).  Anyhow…we were there for dinner and were pleased that, thanks to the cool temperatures, we were able to dine on the terrace instead of in their covered patio area. In fact, they gave us the best seat in the house and we had stunning views of the Bay and sunset.

4_sunset from la casa B

Per tradition, we were served the house made bread, sweet potato chips and tomatillo salsa.  The salsa was fantastic and I vow to try to recreate it. I would also love to find a molcajete like this — have you seen one?

4_pig salsa

Moving on…I started my meal with the tortilla soup. This is my favorite soup…ever.


We served this at our wedding and I have had it at least once during every trip to Zihua. I could try to recreate it, but it just wouldn’t be the same. For my entrée, I ordered the fresh black fettuccine with grilled chicken. But, when I remembered that it was made with squid ink (duh!), I had to send it back — squid is on my “do not eat” list during pregnancy. They ended up bringing me grilled chicken and mushrooms with fresh spaghetti. It was amazing!

4_dinner collage

For dessert, I had fresh coconut ice cream with hot dark chocolate sauce on the side. Yes, this was like eating a fresh Almond Joy. Since we completely over did it at dinner, we decided to walk home. That didn’t help too much because I slipped into a monster food coma as soon as we got back to the hotel.

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