Cinco de Mayo

I slept like a log on Saturday night and didn’t wake up once. This is a new record as I typically get up two or three times per night. After coffee, we went on a long walk on the beach. This time, however, there were lots of people on the beach. Since Sundays are family beach days here, I suppose it wasn’t surprising that the beach was crowded at 8:00 AM. Strange, but not unusual.

We had breakfast on the beach and I had a repeat of Saturday’s breakfast — green juice and huevos con chorizo.  Gosh, I love vacation food!


After breakfast, we set up camp on the beach and nestled into our beach palapa. The breeze and cool temperatures made everything much more enjoyable. We passed the time by reading, talking and lounging.


Since we are lazy, we ate lunch on the beach again. This time we shared orders of the steak tacos and chicken tostadas. Everything was flavorful and delicious.

5_Lunch Collage

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach, while John did some exploring. Like a small child, John disappears from time to time! Unlike a child, I can always spot him easily — he is usually swimming or looking for wildlife. I also enjoyed watching the large fishing boats come in around 3:00 PM. There was an international sail fishing tournament going on during out stay in Zihua, so there were serious boats to behold. We never made it over to the downtown pier to see the winning fish (we were too lazy on this trip to do much else), but we hear that they were impressive. A few of the professional anglers were staying at our hotel and one couple was from Port Aransas.

Later in the afternoon, we ended up ordering afternoon cocktails. I had a Virgin Mary and it was amazing — oh, how I miss a spicy Bloody Mary.


After a nap in the room, we had room service bring over an order of fresh guacamole and chips. Nothing says classy afternoon like watching CNN’s international channel and snacking.

We kept things very simple for dinner and ate at the hotel’s La Villa restaurant. We ate on the outdoor terrace and enjoyed the sunset and the breeze.

5_sunset from viceroy C

I had the tortilla soup as an appetizer and the homemade fettucine fra diavala for my entrée. Both were delicious.

5_dinner collage

For dessert, John and I shared the apple strudel with homemade ice cream.


The best part of the meal was the very short walk home!

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