February 2013 – In Review

February is always a fast-paced month of the year for me, and this year’s February was no different.

Travel — In terms of work, I spent the majority of the month on the road with business trips to Santa Fe (4 trips), Dallas (1 trip) and Austin (4 trips). Yes, you read that right – I made four multi-day trips to Santa Fe in February.  From the meetings to the snow to the great food, I loved every minute of those trips.

Personal — I started off the month with a health scare and spent some time in an emergency care center and a good amount of time resting at home.  I am feeling better, but have become quite the germaphobe.  I find myself questioning the cleanliness of everything and I am trying to make sure that this habit doesn’t get out of control. When you travel as much as I do, worrying about germs all the time can give you major anxiety, an ulcer, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or perhaps all of the above.  In happier news, we had a really lovely Valentine’s Day and were able to celebrate the day with each other.  We were both very grateful for that opportunity. I didn’t post much on the blog this month due to my busy schedule, but this works in your favor.  Had I posted, I am sure the theme of the posts would have been one of the following – I am tired/sick/busy, I had a relaxing weekend, I am happy, I love my job…See? So predictable, so lame.

Running – Running took somewhat of a hit this month due to my work schedule and health concerns. I took a week off of exercising while I was sick – this is the longest I have been away from running since I went to China in March 2012.  It felt so weird!  Even though I was signed up for a few races, health concerns prevented me from running them.  I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed by my running mileage, but I am confident that I will do better in March.  Since I can’t change the past, I will simply focus on the future.  Oh, and check out my new kicks!


Best wishes for a great March!

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