From Hong Kong to Houston

After an early treadmill run and complimentary breakfast, John and I spent some time taking in the views of Hong Kong from our room.

room view

room view 2

We took the Airport Express and made our way back to the United Lounge at the airport.  Sigh.  There was a glitch in our flight reservation and somehow my portion of the reservation had been cancelled! While United was able to reissue my ticket, they weren’t able to reinstate our upgrades since they were tied to my original (cancelled) ticket. GULP.


While it wasn’t the end of the world, unexpectedly sitting in last-minute seats wasn’t ideal. While we able to snag Economy Plus seats, we seemed to be in the unstable-sick-as-a-dog-restless-crazy part of the plane. Thanks to our interesting seatmates, John and I couldn’t get rest or sleep.  Twelve hours later, we made it to San Francisco where two good things happened.  First, we ran into one of my favorite colleagues at the airport.  Seeing her somehow made things better – don’t you love friends like that? She didn’t even make fun of my rat’s nest hair or crazy outfit.  Second, a few minutes later, we found out that we were upgraded on our flight back to Houston. Score!  We slept like babies on that flight.

Once we landed, we went to our car and I quickly repacked a smaller suitcase.  Yes, friends – I had a work trip scheduled and caught a flight to Chicago for work.  I’m an ANIMAL! Just kidding – it wasn’t that bad. Regardless, we were both happy to back in the US and ready to begin 2013.

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