Koh Samui – Jan. 3

After a morning run, I met John in the hotel restaurant for breakfast.  Our hotel provided us with complimentary breakfast, in the form of a buffet, during our stay. While I was dubious about another buffet…I was (yet again) very impressed with the offerings.  While not as extensive as the offerings in Bangkok (for the record – we didn’t expect it to be the same), there were plenty of choices in the morning. Between fresh juices, fruit, pasties, cereals, Thai cuisine, and a made-to-order egg station, we were very spoiled.


We spent the day in our private room/complex and passed the time by napping, swimming, reading and catching up on movies and TV shows. We really only left our room to eat lunch. Our laziness was heavenly!


The hotel has a neat floating pier used as a sunning deck, exploration area, and sometimes it is even used as a dining space.  John and I enjoyed walking the pier and taking in the views late in the afternoon.


It began to rain early in the evening and didn’t stop until the next morning. We happily canceled our plans to leave the hotel for dinner and instead had a quiet and relaxed dinner in the hotel.

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