New Years Day

Since we didn’t have to sleep anything off from the night before, John and I had a nice New Years Day breakfast, then enjoyed traditional Thai massages in the hotel spa. John and I spent an hour getting stretched and massaged in a massage suite for two. It was very relaxing, despite the physical nature of this type of massage. After our treatments, we independently enjoyed other offerings in the spa, including the sauna.  They also served us the most amazing snacks and green tea in the spa.  Bummer that they didn’t sell the tea because I would have purchased it!

When lunch rolled around, we went right back to Jojo’s in the hotel. Yes, the food was that good.  Afterwards, we made our way to Jim Thompson’s House.

jt house

Jim Thompson’s House is a museum intended to highlight traditional Thai architecture as well as to showcase an impressive art collection.  Jim Thompson, whose disappearance in the 60s is still a mystery, is credited with modernizing and reinvigorating the Thai silk industry. We took the docent-led tour of the Museum and enjoyed the experience (Due to museum policy, interior photos were not allowed). Afterwards, we did a bit of exploring on the grounds…and the gift shop.

Col_JT House

Back at the hotel, I did my first run of the year before dinner.  I was the only person in the gym — I guess the January Joiners went earlier? For our last night in Bangkok, we celebrated with dinner at Thiptara at the Peninsula Hotel.


The outdoor restaurant served traditional Thai cuisine and offered nice views of the river.  We really enjoyed sitting outside and watching ferries and yachts slip by while we ate dinner.


We had a great day. Culture, shopping, exercise and great food — Not a bad way to begin the year!

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