Hong Kong to Bangkok – Dec. 30

I kicked off our third morning in Hong Kong with another treadmill run and quick breakfast in the room with John.  After packing and getting our luggage together, we walked next door to the ICC building.

Col_Sky 100 B

The ICC building is the fourth tallest building in the world and has an observation deck on the 100th floor.   Even though I am bothered by heights, I joined John for a trip up to the Sky 100.

 Sky 100

I have to say that the views were amazing.  I never got close to the (I’m assuming they were very safe and secure) windows, but I was still able to appreciate the views from afar.

Col_Sky 100

I’m also known for making my own entertainment.  That’s right…33 going on 12. I’m blaming this one on insomnia.

 me at Sky 100

Afterwards, we made our way to the Hong Kong International Airport. We took the Airport Express back to the airport and were able to check our bags at the Kowloon Station before we boarded.  Very nice. This made checking into our Thai Airways flight a breeze. Now before I go, let me say a few things about the Thai Airways airport lounge.  In addition to being comfortable, spacious and relaxing, the lounge also offered a generous amount of comfort food and beverages.  I’m not saying that we ate any of these things (cough), but they offered nacho cheese Doritos (cough), Cup-o-Noodles, cookies, candy (cough) and a serious display of Chinese and Thai foods for those with a more sophisticated palate and less anxiety about traveling abroad. Hey, something for everyone.

 On plane

Now, about the airline itself…we were blown away. From the food, service, ambiance, friendliness, attentiveness to the technology, Thai Airways was exceptional.  We flew first class in their new A380 and it doesn’t get much better than that.  We have officially been spoiled.  Damn you, Thai Airways!


But with almost any up, there’s a down.  Long story short, I somehow got separated from my debit card upon arrival at the Bangkok airport.  It wasn’t the end of the world or unraveling of our vacation, but it certainly was inconvenient.  We also made a really stupid decision to take the train to our hotel.  90 degree weather, nice clothes, the absence of elevators and over-sized luggage = potential travel meltdowns.  Fortunately, we made it to the St. Regis without major incident and with wedding rings still worn by both parties. Victory.

Although the St. Regis Bangkok was busy with the holidays, we were nevertheless greeted warmly and received with traditional St. Regis style and hospitality.  We were upgraded to a beautiful room overlooking downtown Bangkok. I’ll provide a thorough review later, but we really enjoyed this hotel. Tired from a day of travels, we canceled our dinner plans and opted to order room service and to call it an early night. It was perfection.

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