Hong Kong – Dec. 29

Thanks to a very rainy day, our plans were put on hold on Saturday.  It didn’t just rain on Saturday, it pretty much poured all day long. And it was very cold. Given that we were indoor-bound, we spent the first part of our day breakfasting, exercising and shopping near our hotel.  For lunch, we made the very wet trek across town and ate at Domani.


We had a fabulous Italian lunch. From cheese to pasta, everything was homemade.  And delicious.  We spent the rest of the afternoon napping, doing very limited sight-seeing and getting ourselves organized for the rest of the trip. When dinner rolled around, we made our way to Bistecca – an Italian steakhouse.  John had a steak (he said it was delicious!), but I was in a soup/pasta mood.


I went with classic choices – minestrone soup and homemade tagliatelle pasta with mushrooms and black truffle. My food was to die for.  I know that it might seem like all we did was sleep and eat, but we had a great time exploring the city despite the weather.

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