August in Review

And just like that…summer is ending.  Well, maybe not the summer weather, but certainly the calendar season! Here’s a quick look back at my August highlights:

  • Personal:  John and I had a pretty low-key month. We did a lot of cooking (with green chile) and a lot of work around Cliffwood. We are currently en route to Florida to celebrate the long (Labor Day) weekend.
  • Professional: This month, I made multi-day trips to Chicago (John came with me), Austin, Oklahoma City, Santa Fe/Albuquerque and Little Rock.
  • Running:  I logged 150 miles this month (I am still tracking on Daily Mile). I took a day off of running due to an out of control work day, but otherwise have run everyday between Memorial Day and today.

  • Travel Numbers for the Month: 25 – number of days spent traveling; 12 – number of nights spent in a hotel (away from Cliffwood).

Onward to a slower (and hopefully cooler) September!

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