Zihua – 7/4

I woke up last Wednesday morning and did a 3 miler on the beach. It was sprinkling during my run, but I didn’t mind. The view and the sound of the surf more than made up for any mild inconvenience of the rain. Upon my return to the hotel, John and I lounged before joining the family for breakfast on the terrace. Since it was thee Fourth of July, I brought everyone a mini American flag and downloaded some kitschy American songs to annoy play for everyone. My favorite is the live version of Whitney Houston performing at the Super Bowl in 1991.

After breakfast, we began our excursion of the day – cooking school! We started off with a tour of the indoor market in Zihuatanejo. The market offers a smattering of household wares in addition to an impressive selection of fruits, vegetables, pastries, meats and fish. There are even a few foods stalls for quick meals.  We picked up what we needed for our lunch cooking lesson and returned to the hotel.

Once at the hotel,we were provided with aprons and got to work with Mari, the head chef for La Quinta Troppo.  Let me tell you friends, Mari knows her way around the kitchen. For our lesson, we prepared an Agua Fresca, tostada appetizer, chile rellenos, chicken enchiladas with pasilla sauce and guanabana and manay pudding.  Everything was made from scratch, including the corn tortillas.  There was no incorporation of pre-diced or pre- shredded food items here.  While we cooked, the guys lounged in the pool area.

After a few hours, lunch was served on the terrace. The final products….

Everything was wonderful. I can say this because the outcome had less to do with our cooking abilities and more to do with Mari’s leadership, patience, and ability to teach.  And yes, I will try to recreate these dishes sometime in the future.

After lunch, we all had another lazy afternoon of pool and beach time. Also, I was finally able to take a nap later in the evening. Yes! For our last dinner in Zihuatanejo, we decided to have dinner at The Viceroy Hotel. Yes, this is the same hotel where John and I recently celebrated New Year’s Eve (although the hotel was then known as the Tides Zihuatanejo). Before dinner, we had a mini photo shoot on the beach. Here are a few pictures from our session…

Over the course of the evening, I enjoyed a delicious coconut margarita, salad, fish soup, grilled Angus beef with vegetables, mango sorbet and dessert sampler.  To say that everything was wonderful would be an understatement.

Despite the rain, dinner at Viceroy was a terrific way to celebrate our last night in Zihuatanejo.

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