Zihua – 7/2

I started Monday with a solo 2 mile run on the beach. It was just me, my music and my bare feet.  After a quick breakfast, we made our way to the marina to begin our excursion for the day – a 6 hour trip on-board the Vamonos III.  Our boat was nice and featured plenty of space for lounging, watching the ocean, sunning and fishing.

Over the course of six hours, we fished, snorkeled, and relaxed, visiting both the Manzanillo and Ixtapa environs.

We spent most of our time, however, on Isla Ixtapa.  Isla Ixtapa is a small island with nothing but a few restaurants and places to relax. We ended up setting up shop at Cipriani Lilliana on the isle.


We had plenty of food and cocktails to go around. The food was okay, but not as good as the food that we had a few years ago when we visited the island. While there, my Dad had his first massage…ever.  My Dad is a fairly spartan character and I was happy to see him indulge. He was so happy; I see a massage junkie in the making! Selfishly, this also makes me happy because it will make gift giving so much easier for us in the future!

We made it back to the marina late in the afternoon and after some shopping downtown, made our way back to the hotel. Naturally, everyone congregated around the pool.  For dinner, we kept it casual and went back to Tamales y Atoles Any. Any’s is a covered restaurant downtown and ended up being a great choice on a rainy evening. For dinner, John and I shared the quest fundido with chorizo and I had a green chicken tamale plate.  Que sabroso!

Afterwards, my Dad treated all of us to ice cream.  If you didn’t know, the Cruz family is all about ice cream.  A great way to end the day!

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