Zihua – 7/1

I woke to the sound of waves crashing on the beach. Amazing. I absolutely love that sound. We woke up early to attend mass at the Catholic church downtown.

Yes, this is the same church where John and I said “I do. ” The church was absolutely packed for mass. So packed, in fact, that many people, including our party, were forced to sit outside the church on stools.  Given the heat and slight humidity, I was glad that we went early in the morning.  Even though I couldn’t understand everything (the mass was in Spanish), I found the mass and experience to be very fulfilling and special.  The idea that I had something in common with everyone at the church (our faith) was very powerful and spiritual.  OK, enough deep thoughts. Moving on…

After mass, we walked over to one of our favorite downtown eateries — Tamales y Atoles Any. In addition to killer tamales, this place also has a pretty impressive breakfast menu.

Most of our group went with some sort of soup (pozole or chicken) and the rest of us had traditional fare. I went with the huevos con chorizo – they came alongside refried beans and homemade blue corn tortillas.  We also shared delicious salsas and homemade chips.

At the end of our meal, we were served some mezcal to share. Although it goes down smooth, it still tastes like diesel fuel to me.

Post breakfast, we briefly did some shopping at the outdoor mercado before returning to the hotel.  We all changed (except John who fell asleep!) and hustled down to the beach for some relaxing. Look at this beach. Glorious!!

After a while, I started to worry about John and returned to the hotel to check on him. While he slept, I set up camp by the pool. Hours later, my parents and Nelda and Zach returned to the hotel and we had a late lunch on the hotel’s terrace. After some afternoon lounging, I bit the bullet and walked downtown the beach for a quick run. Not wanting to bust my running streak, I pounded out two miles on the beach. Just me, my music and bare feet. It was wonderful!

For dinner, my parents, Nelda, Zach, John and I went to Il Mare for dinner. Il Mare is another favorite of ours in Zihuatanejo.

The cuisine is Greek meets Mexican and the views are spectacular.

For dinner,the table shared an antipasto tray and John and I shared a Greek Salad and the Shrimp Diavolo. For dessert, John and I shared a homemade frozen lemon pie. Que Rico!

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