June in Review

Without question, June has been my busiest month of the year (so far) for me. Here’s a quick look back at my June highlights:

  • Personal:  John and I attended Denise & Ben’s wedding in Durango, Colorado.  What a blast! I also spent some quality time with Sally at Disney World while attending a conference for work. Good Times! I also got an iPhone this month and have had lots of fun learning how to use it.
  • Professional: This month, I made multi-day trips to Miami, Chicago, Louisville, Scottsdale, and Orlando. I also made three trips to Austin. Whew!
  • Running:  I logged 132 miles this month (I am still tracking on Daily Mile). My mileage increase is due to my participation in the 2012 Runner’s World Streak. The streak ends on the 4th of July.
  • Travel Numbers for the Month: 25 – number of days spent traveling; 23 – number of nights spent in a hotel (away from Cliffwood).

Onward to (a hopefully slower) July!

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